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As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. But as homeowners, we all want those showers to happen outside, not in! If you are dealing with a window leak, spring is not nearly as fun as it could be. Of course, it’s not always as obvious as water pouring through your screens. Whether you think you might be dealing with a small leak, or your windows are clearly not working anymore, look out for these common signs of a window leak. And, if this is a problem you are facing, read on to learn more about our high quality window options that will keep your home dry even in the most torrential of spring downpours.


Common Window Leak Issues

Regular window maintenance is important in keeping your old windows leakproof. If it is part of the window design, caulking keeps water out of seams. Intact glass sealing is vital to avoid water getting between the glass of double glazed windows. These are areas you should check as part of your routine maintenance.

Window Maintenance Checklist

The material of a window can affect how waterproof it is. Materials like wood can deteriorate over time, eventually degrading enough to let water in. Vinyl windows are long-lasting and weather-tight, regardless of age.

Even if your windows are new, or in good shape, you might still have a window leak problem if the installation is subpar. If the window flashing is not installed properly or parts of it come away, water can come into your home. The window also needs to be level and plumb to your walls. This is why it’s so important to choose high quality windows, installed carefully by expert professionals.

Take a look at your windows and inspect for water damage. Check the top of the jamb, the bottom of the casing, between the frame and jamb, and where the glass meets the jamb.

A good cleaning can help with some problems, such as debris plugging weep holes in a frame. Re-caulking and re-sealing can help, too, if this is allowed under your window warranty.

If it is a small issue creating a window leak you may be able to repair the problem. But leaks that can’t be addressed in a DIY way, or are extending to cause problems with the rest of the structure of your home, are worth calling in the pros. And, if it’s time to replace your windows, make sure you get something that will keep water out for good.


How to Choose a Waterproof Window

Today’s vinyl replacement windows are much sturdier than windows of the past. If you are upgrading from builder-grade windows, or windows that were installed decades ago, you will automatically experience more weatherproofing just by modernizing.

You can rely on Great Lakes Window to provide you with the utmost in modern technology, built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions while looking great and keeping your home comfortable and safe. For example, all of our windows feature a frame and sash that are fusion welded for superior sealing against water infiltration. This also helps to keep harsh outdoor air out, and comfortable indoor air in! The optional ecoCore is fusion welded with the frame and sash for even more reinforcement and energy efficiency.

Great Lakes windows also feature the SureLok sill. This is a sloped sill and vinyl sash lock that forces water to drain to the exterior of the window and fits tightly to the sash. It will keep your windows dry, and keep rain far away from the inside of your home.

Of course, all of our window products look just as good as they work. Enjoy countless variations on style, color, and hardware, to find the ideal combination for your home.


Weatherproof Installation

Our window installation professionals know exactly how to install your vinyl replacement windows to waterproof standards. Because our dealers consult with each and every client extensively, the installers understand your home and its own specific requirements. They can clear out any damaged areas before installing a new window if needed, ensuring a tight fit that will last. If you happen to have any structural issues that could be contributing to a window leak, such as a misaligned fascia board, the installer or dealer may be able to point you in the right direction to solve the problem for good.


Ready to upgrade your windows and never worry about spring showers again? Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online.

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