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comfort-beautyThere’s an art to choosing the right windows. From selecting the window style that best complements your home to the material and color you pick. But style aside, you want your windows to last and help reduce energy bills. Welcome to Great Lakes® Window – you’ve come to the right place

Reliable Performance

Today, it’s all about energy efficiency. That is why we’ve added insulation enhancements to the frame and sash as well as argon or krypton to our double- and triple-glazed glass options to help keep your home comfortable year round. Low-E coatings let the light in but help keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays to lower your energy bills and reduce fading.

Take Back Your Weekends

Tired of wasting precious time on window repairs? Forget about the scraping, repainting and replacing the inevitable wood rot. Our windows outlast harsh weather conditions, consistently open with ease and lock securely so you can enjoy peace of mind that lasts.

Design with Personality

Do more than just replace your windows – now is the chance to let your personality shine. Love the views and sunshine? Try ceiling to floor windows. Have double hung windows? Expand a single window into a larger combination of windows, or add a transom with Designer glass to add interest.