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Whether you have a tiny home calling for big style, an expansive manse that is begging for tons of natural light, or an odd space that needs a specially-sized window, you may be wondering the limits of window sizing.

Each window manufacturer has its own minimum and maximum dimensions for windows usually with the ability to create custom windows if your project should fall within the range of capability. Typically, it comes down to square footage minimums and maximums versus a width or height. The more glass you have, such as a triple pane window versus a double pane window, will also impact the maximum size. Of course, your Great Lakes Window dealer will work with you to ensure that your dream can be brought to life as much as possible.

Window Maximums

Why are there maximums to window sizes? Technically, glass can be made practically as large as one can envision, but there are practical issues to consider. If a window does exceed the allowable restrictions it will be more prone to breakage and failure, because it will not be as structurally sound. They can also be very challenging to ship and install.

However, our dealers and designers are highly skilled in finding ways to meet your needs in a realistic way. If you are thinking about an entire wall’s worth of window, for example, your dealer may suggest an array of larger windows side by side, rather than one single window. The amount of light and the view will be almost the same, without the structural concerns.

Window Minimums

As for smaller windows, it again comes down to practicality. Small windows work very well in tight spaces to bring in light, or in areas where privacy is needed, such as a bathroom. Transom windows are a great example of this, adding visual height and light without much square footage.

When working with you to design a smaller window space, your Great Lakes Window dealer will consider factors like ease of cleaning. With a lot of smaller windows, there are naturally more frames and more spaces to clean, so it depends on your willingness to handle upkeep. Additionally, if you are looking at installing windows for added warmth or view, a smaller window will not meet your needs as well as something larger.

Smaller windows often fit in as part of an overall window or door design, which depends on the rest of your windows and the layout of your home. They will not cause as many structural concerns as an oversized window, but still need the careful eye of a professional to ensure you are getting what you want from your vinyl replacement windows.

If you are using a window as an egress or escape window, be aware that there are likely local building codes regulating exactly how small that window can be.

Custom Design with Great Lakes Window

We offer customization in nearly every aspect of a window, from the size and design of the glass, to additional soundproofing and weatherproofing features, as well as the color of the trim and hardware. You can see some examples of our custom shaping here, showing just how much freedom there is in window design. While you may be used to seeing standard window sizes and shapes, our experienced and talented team has a lot to offer to ensure that your home is the best it can be.

Get in touch with one of our local Great Lakes Window dealers today. Use our online dealer locator to find an expert near you, and you will be one step closer to finding a window that is not too big, not too small, but just right.

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