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Our home had original wood windows which were painted shut and had no screens. My father passed away and left us the money to purchase new windows. Visionaire Windows provided your product at a reasonable cost with full screens. The palladium windows turned out beautifully and the double hungs are very attractive and maintain the original architectural esthetics of our home. The installers were professional, precise and timely. Excellent price. Our sills were also repaired as needed. We purchased the sound pkg. and the “quiet” is a real blessing since we live next to a busy highway. No more ear plugs! The garden tub picture window came in untempered but we were reassured that it would be replaced just as soon as the tempered window we ordered comes in. The Visionaire Staff, installers and Owner are terrific people. So glad we found them. Visionaire Windows is a breath of fresh air compared to others who gave us bogus rip off quotes. I highly recommend this team.

– Candy Buchanan