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GLW_ES_PIC_WH_GE_COL_INT_TC_ANG001The type of window style, shape and grille pattern can help define the style and character of your home. Consider Colonial window grilles in both sashes of a double hung window for a more traditional look. Or you might add a Perimeter Prairie grille pattern to a casement window to achieve Prairie styling. Or opt for replacement window grilles only in the top sash in a Colonial pattern or two vertical grilles for a Craftsman look. Two-tone window grille styles are also available to match your windows inside and out. This is your chance to create the style you desire!

Grilles Between the Glass (GBG)

Grilles between the glass allow for easy cleaning, with the same distinct look as traditional grilles.

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

Create the look of individual panes of glass when grilles are applied to the exterior and interior side of the window. A shadow bar between the glass helps create an authentic look.

Grille Styles