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Double- Or Triple-Paned Windows

Vinyl replacement windows from Great Lakes Window can be configured with double- or triple-pane glass units. To make our window glass options more energy efficient, it can be configured to fill the space between the panes with argon or krypton gas. The result is a window with up to nine times the insulation of single-pane windows.

Select the right Low-E Option

The right Low-E option can help improve the insulation value of your energy efficient windows and save on heating and cooling bills. Low-E coatings with lower U-values and higher SHGC reflects radiant heat back into the home, keeping the inside warm, and the cold outside during those long winter months. The reverse happens in the summer. Unwanted solar heat gain is reflected to the outside and the cool air is kept inside, which helps reduce energy costs and increase comfort year-round.

Less Cleaning, More Viewing

Optional Easy-Clean® Glass is a remarkable advancement in window glass design that requires cleaning less often and with less effort than windows with ordinary glass. This ultra-thin and transparent coating completely adheres to the glass, protecting it from water and oil based stains.

Learn even more about what goes into our energy efficient windows.

Great Lakes 3 pane window was impressive in that that it was triple pane, which not only helped with noise but also the regulating the temperature from the sun. I was sold at that point. – Cindy Schulz