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Our replacement windows and doors come with the Great Lakes® Window hardware you need for protection and peace of mind. We provide multiple styles and color options, so that your window locks never get in the way of beautiful views.

Explore your door and window accessories options and find your local Great Lakes dealer to learn more about making your home safe and secure.


Standard Window Hardware Finishes


Earthtone Finish
Pontiac Gold Finish
Pontiac Gold

Optional Window Hardware Finishes


Classic Brass
Satin Nickel Finish
Satin Nickel

Standard Patio Door Handlesets



Upgraded Patio Door Lock & Key Handlesets



Premium Patio Door Upgraded Handlesets



EuroGlide Patio Door Handlesets with Innovative Ball Bearing Roller System


Flush-mounted sash lock

Low-profile sash Lock

Low-profile sash lock offers an unobstructed view and are standard on select double hung and sliding window.

EZLok flush-mounted sash lock

EZLok flush-mounted sash lock

For extra protection, upgrade your double hung windows with our EZLok option. Available on selection windows, its integrated lock/tilt feature conceals the tilt latches to create an elegant looking window.

Casement Multi Point Locking System

Multi-point locking system

Casement and awning windows come with a single-lever multi-point locking mechanism providing maximum security at critical points with a single locking handle.

Nesting Handle

Folding nested operator handle

Offered on all casement and awning windows.


Ventilation Limit Latches

Ventilation limit latches add security while double hung and sliding windows are partially open. Child safety latches are also available. They make it easy to control and limit a window opening to help prevent falls.

Flush-mounted sash lock

EuroGlide Operating System

Never struggle to open and close your patio door again. The optional EuroGlide operating system offers two major innovations that allow it to glide easily with the push of a finger. The first is a handle engineered to literally lift the door panel off the sill when you rotate the handle, allowing it to glide effortlessly. The second is a patented ball bearing roller system that enables a door weighing up to 550 pounds to glide smoothly open and closed through years of everyday use. A mere eight pounds of force is all it takes to operate, compared to up to thirty pounds for a standard sliding door.