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HarborLight – Classic Series

Key Features and Benefits

Multi-Chamber Sash and Frame Design

Creates stronger, more durable frame with insulating pockets for greater energy efficiency.

SureLok Sill

Incorporates a sloped design with a hidden, integrated interlock that securely locks the sash into the sill. This unique locking design keeps the weatherstripping intact to ensure lasting durability and enhanced weather-tight performance.

Design and Performance Options
Personalize your windows so they fit the needs of your home and look beautiful inside and out.


Find the window style that matches your existing window or consider a new style that provides optimal functionality.

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Choose from a variety of grille styles to add detail to your windows.

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Complete your windows with matching hardware that looks sleek and elegant while keeping your home safe.

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Consult your local dealer to select the glass option that best suits the climate in your region of the country.

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