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Picture and Shaped Windows

Enhance your home’s personality with picture or shaped windows. These windows are often decorative centerpieces, which is why they are frequently placed in living rooms or other spaces where people gather. Because these windows do not open, it’s not uncommon to install single or double hung windows nearby, allowing for the creation of interesting architectural elements and the ability to bring fresh air into a room.

With Great Lakes Window, you can pick between different wood grain finishes so that your shaped or picture window replacement match your home and your style. Vinyl picture windows and shaped windows can be installed alone or alongside other windows to create beautiful and functional designs.

Window profiles can be made into many dynamic geometric shapes. Use your imagination to design the window of your dreams and let Great Lakes Window custom make it for you. From half-round to trapezoid, our vinyl replacement windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a perfect fit in any room.

Replacement picture windows will create a unique view for any home. There is nothing like a large, expansive window to bring in a flood of light and open up a room with a great view of the outdoors.

Despite the sometimes large size of vinyl picture windows, or the various shaped window options, these windows are both extremely energy efficient because they have no operable parts, which eliminates the main cause of air infiltration.

Limitless variations of architectural style enable you to get the look you want with the energy saving performance you expect. Add designer glass for a stunning window that displays your personal style and increases the value of your home.


  • Variety of window shapes and sizes available
  • Add curb appeal with an interesting combination
  • Fusion welded frames ensure window stays strong, square and weather-tight
  • Insulated double- and triple-pane glass units can be configured for all climates
  • Variety of frame colors and grilles to accent home’s style
  • Choose from different picture window sizes for the perfect fit
Energy Star

Save on energy costs

Our energy-efficient vinyl picture windows help reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable year-round. It’s the result of fusion-welded multi-chambered vinyl frames, high performance insulated glass units, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and stringent quality standards.

Energy Efficiency

More colorful views

More colorful views

Our extruded and integral co-extruded colors offer outstanding color retention and durability. Or if you prefer bolder shades — opt for our Signature paint colors.

All Colors

Grilles define style

Grilles define style

Grilles recreate the look of traditional windowpanes and come in a variety of patterns. Add a Colonial pattern to your replacement picture windows for a traditional look, or a Classic Diamond pattern to compliment Tudor home styles. Most Great Lakes windows are available with grilles-between-glass or simulated divided lites (on the outside of the glass).

Learn About Grilles

Sound Resistant

Keep outside noise out.

Great Lakes Windows provides just as much insulation against heat loss as it does sound. We can configure our replacement picture windows with double- or triple-glazed glass that is thicker as well as laminated to help keep the noise outside where it belongs.

Sound Resistant