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Manhattan KS Window Contractor installs Great Lakes Windows


Dr. Cora Cooper, a homeowner in Manhattan, KS was looking to add light into her living room. She loved her home in Candlewood area, but did not enjoy entering a gloomy “cave”. When she moved in 5 years ago, the first thing she wanted to do was modify the blank red wall.


Dr. Cooper did not know where to start to solve this problem. She knew she needed the help of an experienced Manhattan, KS window installation contractor. Luckily, she works with several previous clients of Vanguard Home Designs. Her Kansas State University co-workers recommended she consult with Vanguard to see if they could help with her project.


She called and setup a convenient meeting date shortly afterward. Vanguard guided her through the design process that would suit her needs and budget. Vanguard showed her previous projects that achieved similar results. Vanguard went into detail answering Cora’s questions and showing her how the new windows would look. Vanguard recommended placing three Great Lake’s windows high up on the wall to achieve the results of opening up the room. During the design process, Vanguard laid out the windows so she could envision the results. When she began to see how the three windows would look, she became excited, and said, “Yes, that is what I want! I have seen this on Pinterest!”

Comparing New Window Options for Great LakesDesigning Windows and Deciding on Great Lakes (hover over image to enlarge)
Comparing New Window Options for Great Lakes exterior viewExterior view for design before Great Lakes windows installed (hover over image to enlarge)


Vanguard put together a personalized proposal for her, featuring the energy-saving EcoSmart windows from Great Lakes Window. Dr. Cooper was also concerned with future settling of her home (a previous issue). She enjoyed knowing the Great Lakes windows will hold up to the test of time with fusion welding and the SmartCore insulated frame for added strength.

She loved the easy process of the window installation. Vanguard showed up on time and cleaned up everyday to ensure an absolute minimum disruption to her life. The process was turn-key, so there was nothing she had to do once the project started. Vanguard even helped her select the paint colors to help go with her home’s décor.


Dr. Cooper loves walking out into her brightened up room in the morning. The Great Lakes Windows let in so much more light and really opens up the room.

Dr. Cooper was contemplating selling her home, due to the dark living room, now with Great Lakes EcoSmart windows, she feels like she can stay in her home forever.

Exterior for Manhattan KS Window Contractor installing Great Lakes WindowsExterior view for new Great Lakes windows installed (hover over image to enlarge)

Cora Cooper left these kind words on the Vanguard Google Page: “Despite my inability to make up my mind, the great folks at Vanguard delivered exactly what I wanted. Jake left a timeline of work so I knew exactly what to expect when, and always came when he said so. He cleaned up every night and there was the absolute minimum of disruption to my life. I really appreciate the care he took with the small details, even coming back to wash the newly-installed windows after I thought he was done because we’d had a little rain and they were splattered. I would hire these guys for anything! Impeccable work, great to work with!”

And better yet, you can even hear Cora’s excitement about the job here too:


Jim Hund, President of Vanguard Home Designs finished it off with these following good words about Great Lakes, our products and distributors. Jim said, “I like the product so much that I have installed the windows in my own home resulting in significant Energy savings and no maintenance of the windows. I love how I can build a window on my computer specifically for a client’s needs and they know exactly what window they will get before placing the order. Very few window manufacturers detail out exactly the window with technical specifications and Great Lakes is superior at doing so. With my engineering background this is a big item to me. I can order exactly the size, glass package, colors and everything with a click of a button. The windows always arrive at the same time frame after I order them and this allows me to schedule jobs with confidence. In addition to its nice configuration technology, good products, and delivery, Great Lakes is great for their customer service and resolving any warranty issues that may arrive.”

This entire Great Lakes case study can be found in its entirety on Vanguard’s Window Case Study of a Project Page. Great Lakes strives to provide superior products, pricing and product availability, and we also encourage our contractor customers to learn how to better market themselves. There are many topics this contractor addresses designed to help him market better for quality inbound leads. They are covered well using the Great Lakes product line as the visual example.