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If you’ve been researching replacement windows from Great Lakes Window, you’ve probably noticed we talk about the CORE technologies in our window insulation. These CORE options, inserted inside our windows, offer increased insulation, strength at the meeting rails, durability in window shape and an overall increase in thermal properties. Depending on which product line you purchase, ecoSmart or ComfortSmart, you can select different CORE options for optimal energy efficiency.

The CORE options from Great Lakes Window offer additional insulation to your home replacement windows. They come standard with some window lines and are available as add-on options for others. Here we’ll go into more detail about the SmartCore, RigidCore and ecoCore technology options.


This comes standard with all ecoSmart windows. This high-density insulation is in all primary frame and sash cavities. It provides almost two times the insulating properties of typical fiberglass insulation, making your windows more efficient and your home more comfortable. SmartCore is an optional add-on for ComfortSmart windows. You can choose to add it to just the frame or to all primary frame and sash cavities.

SmartCore window insulation


Double hung and sliding windows in the ecoSmart line feature RigidCore at the meeting rails for extreme strength and longevity. It provides durability to keep windows performing like new for years to come. RigidCore is an optional add-on for the ComfortSmart line.

RigidCore window insulation


ecoCore is optional for windows in the ecoSmart line. It’s a full composite reinforcement used in all frame and sash cavities. It’s fusion welded with the frame and sash for optimal strength, durability and insulation. When paired with SmartCore insulation, it provides maximum energy efficiency.

ecoCore window insulation

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Energy efficient windows from Great Lakes Window offer security, comfort and efficiency. These CORE technologies work in conjunction with our glass packs to ensure the best insulation for your home.

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