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quality-productsWe believe our products are only as good as the people who sell, design and manufacturer them. That’s why products from Great Lakes® Window stand out among the competition. Our premium windows and doors are made using superior materials, state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment and cutting edge operational techniques. We custom make every window for every order to ensure a consistently high-quality product and a perfect fit every time.

We also use a variety of other technologies including:

  • Digitally controlled saws and four-point welders to ensure size and consistency
  • CNC-controlled corner cleaners for quality aesthetics
  • Intercept® insulated glass line with in-line machining for corners and grille connection
  • Precision roll-formed spacers for repeatability and long-term durability

The people who make Great Lakes Window products take quality to a whole new level. With a work environment that fosters personal development, mutual respect, innovation and accomplishment, our talented team is dedicated to making high-quality products and custom options that can’t be found at other window manufacturers.