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We have shared tips on knowing when to replace your windows, but what about when to replace your patio door? Patio doors are sometimes overlooked when homeowners are considering remodeling or simply replacing outdated and inefficient parts of the home. However, patio doors are well worth inspecting on a regular basis. You should also know what warning signs to watch for. They can be a major contributor to the energy efficiency and style of your home–and a major detractor if they are ready for replacement.

Many of the reasons a homeowner should replace their patio door are similar to reasons for replacement windows. A glass paned patio door, has a similar purpose to a window, but are opened and shut more often. With that in mind, here are three good reasons to replace your patio door.


Reason #1 To Replace Your Patio Door: Difficult to Operate

If a door does not easily open or close, it is certainly not serving its purpose well! Sliding patio doors should glide with ease, opening and closing with no issues. All locks should work well and no part of the door should stick.

If your sliding patio door poses any kind of challenge in operation, it may be time to consider a replacement. As doors age, parts of the frame or the trim can warp and swell, especially if exposed to moisture. This means the door is no longer situated properly in its place, and why it is hard to operate.

On the upside, when you select Great Lakes patio doors, you have the option of upgrading to our EuroGlide® system. This mechanism actually lifts the door panel up off the sill for an incredibly smooth operation. Opening and closing your door won’t be a problem again!


Reason #2 To Replace Your Patio Door: Outside Elements Coming In

Be it a windy draft or a leaky sill when it rains. Maybe it’s too much heat coming through the door or gaps in the frame. If the outside isn’t staying where it belongs, it’s time to replace it with a door that keeps your interior comfortable and weatherproof.

Moisture from outdoor weather will wreak havoc on your home’s safety and comfort if left unchecked. And hot air coming in while climate controlled air escapes is a disaster for your energy bills. When you add up all of the extra money you are paying to heat or cool air that is escaping, you can see how affordable a patio door replacement may be!

Our Great Lakes doors, just like our windows, are energy efficient. They can be configured to meet ENERGY STAR® performance requirements. Plus, with the addition of heavy duty weatherstripping and insulated glass, your new replacement sliding patio door will easily connect the inside and the outside without letting unwanted elements in.


Reason #3 To Replace Your Patio Door: You Want a New Look

Is your existing patio door is outdated, or are you wanting to switch it with something that is more stylish and unique to your home? Aesthetics are another good reason to consider replacing your sliding patio door.

At Great Lakes Window we understand the value of windows and doors that look as great as they work. Choosing one of our products, you do not need to compromise on style. In fact, we marry function and fashion perfectly, with a full spectrum of trim colors for your patio door. We also offer many options for distinctive glass design that will add a personal touch to your patio door.


That great looking new door will meet all the other points on your checklist, offering smooth operation, energy efficiency, and long lasting durability. We make choosing a replacement patio door easy. Our qualified and experienced dealers will have your new doors installed in no time, so you can get out and enjoy your patio. Choose an option below to either keep learning more or begin working with one of our local dealers to get started.

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