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Window locks and other security features may be small in size, but they make a big impact on the security of your home. Everyone wants to keep their loved ones and their possessions as comfortable and safe as possible. And that is exactly what locks do.  

When you are working with one of our expert dealers to choose your Great Lakes Window products, be sure to consider your safety options. There are a lot of good reasons to protect your home and everything in it.  


Window Locks and Home Security 

Can a small lock really make a difference in stopping a would-be intruder? In fact, the answer is yes. We might think that a home intruder would simply break through a window or patio door. However, the truth is that criminals don’t want to draw attention and breaking glass is bound to be detected. So if a window or door is securely locked, the intruder is likely to simply leave rather than do something that is highly noticeable. 

That being said, window and door locks have to actually work to be a deterrent to theft and other crime. A faulty lock is easy to break and offers an excellent entry point. With a quality lock in place, intruders are deterred, or at least delayed long enough to make a difference.  

Should all windows have locks? We believe so. You should have locks on all ground floor windows and doors, and any that are accessible, even if someone has to climb up a wall or roof to get there.  

Our lock hardware is durable and strong. This includes our standard low-profile sash locks that keep the view without compromising on safety. Or consider our multi-point locking systems, ventilation limit latches, and keyed patio door handlesets 


Window Locks and Child Safety 

Theres another vital reason to install locks and other safety features on all windows and doors. Yes, even those that arent easily accessed from the outside. If there are children in your home, locks prevent accidental falls, which can be deadly. Falling is one of the leading causes of hospitalization for children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimats window falls account for an average of eight deaths annually for kids age five and under. Around 3,300 children require hospital treatment for falls.   

Screens aren’t enough to keep kids safe, so if there are children in your home, consider the lifesaving power of a simple lock. CPSC also recommends choosing products like double hung windows that can open from the top pane, leaving the bottom as a barrier. Our double hung windows offer even more security with the EZLok flush-mounted sash lock. This is an integrated lock/tilt hardware feature that conceals tilt latches. We also offer child safety latches which control and limit how much a window can be opened.  


Are you are looking at upgrading your windows, or are concerned about the safety and security of your existing windows and patio doors? We are here to help with our line of affordable, energy efficient, and safe windows and doors.  

Our Great Lakes Window dealers are highly experienced in helping our clients choose replacement windows and patio doors that promote security and safety in the home. All selected to fit into your style, your budget, and your own unique needs. Get in touch today to learn more about how our products can give you piece of mind and add more comfort and security for you and your family.  

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