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Your living room is likely a place where people gather. Whether it’s just the family lounging and watching TV, or game day with friends, our living rooms are often a focal point in the home. So when it comes to choosing living room windows, you should select an option that will enhance this popular space.

Think about functionality. Do you want windows that open to let in fresh air like casement or slider windows? Or, would you prefer a more decorative picture or shaped window that provides a great view but doesn’t open? Maybe a bay or bow window that extends out from the home and adds more dimension would be a good fit. Either way, consider how you want to use these windows on a regular basis.


Looks matter, too. The window style you choose for your home can impact the look and feel of the room. If you have a great view from your living room, consider a large picture window that provides a direct line of sight to the outdoors. Want to create some visual interest? Work with your dealer to choose a combination of picture or shape windows to be mulled together. You should also consider what kind of home you have. Is it more traditional? Double hung or casement windows might be a good fit. More modern? Sliding windows might be more ideal.


Mix and match. Having a tough time deciding? The good news is, you can mix and match window styles for the ideal solution. Since picture windows and shaped windows don’t open, try adding a double hung or casement nearby. That way you can enjoy the beauty of these stylish windows with the comfort of a fresh breeze.


Add extras to kick things up a notch. Decorative glass, window grilles and colors all allow you to create a more personalized living room window.

  • Decorative Glass: Choose from designer glass styles that are hand-cut, clear or colored to add a beautiful touch to your living room windows while also maintaining energy efficiency.


  • Window Grilles: You’ll find window grilles that range from the classic colonial grids to diamond, perimeter and more. There’s an option to have the grilles between the glass for easy cleaning or on top of the glass as Simulated Divided Lites to create the look of individual panes.


  • Colors: A variety of interior and exterior colors allow you to create windows that complement your living room perfectly. Choose from a range of solid colors, as well as woodgrains to match your existing trim, cabinets and flooring.


When considering living room window ideas, keep in mind the style of your home, what kind of use you want to get out of your windows and any extra design elements that you’ve noticed in the past. Each of our expert GLW dealers is happy to work with you to create a customized option that will leave you with the efficiency and view you want for many years to come.


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