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Glass Pack – Where the Energy Efficient Magic Takes Place

Energy Efficient

Selecting the right glass pack for your home is key to creating energy efficient windows. It’s important to consider the elements that make up glass packs, as they all work together to improve a window’s energy efficiency.

  1. Panes of Glass – Newer windows are typically double pane or triple pane, which means they have either two or three panes of glass. It’s important to keep in mind that more panes isn’t always better. Talk to your  Great Lakes Window Dealer to determine the right number of panes needed for your region.
  2. Warm Edge Spacers – Spacers separate and secure the panes of glass. The edges of the glass pack are the most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss. Because of this, we only offer warm edge spacers because they feature “warm-edge technology” meaning they reduce conductivity.
  3. Gas Fill – These non-toxic, inert gasses can be used instead of air between panes of glass to increase insulation and energy efficiency. We recommend adding Argon or Krypton in-between the panes of glass, as they work to make it more difficult for heat or cold to transfer through your glass pack.
  4. Low-E Glass Coatings – As a microscopically-thin, virtually-invisible metallic layer deposited on the glass surface, Low-E Glass coatings reduce solar heat gain and give excellent protection against fading which can occur from UV rays. Is your furniture or carpet losing its rich color due to their proximity to your windows? Consider adding Low-E coatings.

More On The Characteristics of Energy Efficient Windows


Looking for some additional information on how to choose energy efficient windows? Consumer Reports recently did an extensive analysis on home windows. From how to save money on your energy bills, to the most efficient window styles, to testing windows against industry standards, this report can greatly increase your knowledge on the characteristics of energy efficient windows.

Don’t forget about the expertise of your Great Lakes Window Dealer. These window specialists are here to help you throughout your entire window buying process. From glass packs, NRFC labels and more, your dealer can help you select the most energy efficient windows for the region you and your family live in. Let us help you find a dealer.

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