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Whether your bathroom is an expansive master ensuite or a small half bath, the right window can make any room look and feel better. There are certain considerations for a bathroom window that are especially important. Namely, privacy matters in a bathroom, perhaps more than most other rooms in your home. Ventilation is also key, and of course, everyone wants a bit more natural light and energy efficiency in their home.

How Humidity Impacts Window Choice

For bathrooms with showers or bathtubs, humidity is an everyday part of the room’s conditions. All of the moisture from a shower or bath accumulates in the air and needs somewhere to go. Ideally, your bathroom should have an operable window to allow moisture to escape.

Awning windows are particularly popular for bathrooms when an operable window is needed. With a hinge on the top side of the frame that allows the sash to open away from the frame, the inside view is still concealed. Of course, you may want to consider privacy glass features to completely obscure the view if the windows are not hung high. Awning windows can also be opened in practically any weather conditions without allowing the elements in, ideal for quick ventilation.

Humidity is also a factor in energy efficiency. In high humidity rooms, condensation is more likely. With an inefficient window installed the glass will be cooler on the inside of your home in colder weather, and condensation happens. But with an efficient window, which keeps heat inside where it belongs, condensation takes a lot longer, if it happens at all.

Combining Windows in a Bathroom

Perhaps your bathroom is large enough for more than one window. After you have ensured at least one is operable, there are countless options for window designs. Custom shaped and sized windows installed high up on the wall can add a lot of light without privacy concerns. One or many transom or porthole-type windows are budget-friendly and promote lovely natural light in even the smallest rooms.

In some rooms, a bay or garden window is a good fit, extending the space for storage, plants, or bath supplies.

A casement window or double-hung window can allow for more ventilation, in an area where privacy is less of an issue. Or, you can install an awning window on each wall with adequate space, allowing for effective cross-ventilation.

Bathroom Window Layout

Depending on your room, there are many options for functional, beautiful window layouts. Smaller bathrooms require careful planning to make the most of a space, such as the previously mentioned transom windows around the top of a room.

You might consider a large window by a standalone bathtub, as a focal point. This layout allows bathers to enjoy the sunlight or the stars, and privacy glass does wonders. A window placed in a shower works similarly and can be hung high for more privacy.

Our Great Lakes Window dealers know how to fit windows into a space for a pleasing look with superior value. A dealer near you will work with you to create or revitalize the bathroom of your dreams, so you can bathe, relax, and enjoy your time in your space.

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