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It’s that time of year again. As the calendar flips ever closer to a new year, predictions for annual trends are showing up in all spheres from fashion to food to interior design. We are excited about many of the interior design trends slated for 2020. And we’re looking forward to working with homeowners to bring those trends to life with quality, dependable Great Lakes Window products.


Interior Design Trends: Round and Organic Shapes

This breakdown of Milan Design Week 2019 looks at what trends are strongest and most interesting for 2020. Rounded, organic shapes are on the list, which translates to windows with custom shapes. Our shaped windows can be customized based on dynamic geometric shapes. This means an option like a half-round window is an easy, stylish way to add an organic feel to your home.


Interior Design Trends: Bold Geometric Patterns

Interior Design Trends - Bold Geometric PatternsIf rounded shapes aren’t quite your thing, consider bold geometric patterns. These have popped up in fashion, and are soon to make their way to interior design and decor. Many of our designer glass styles, like the clean lines of the Chandler design or the repeating angles of Cheswick, are perfectly suited to this vibrant look. And these looks still retain a classic style that will last through any interior design trend to come.




Interior Design Trends: Ecology and Re-use

Environmental concerns are at the forefront of many people’s minds. And that is expected to continue into 2020 with a focus on ecological materials and re-use of resources in the design field. For windows and doors, our ecoSmart line is perfect for those who want to promote energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices.

Awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Recognition in 2019, these windows are on the leading edge of energy efficient products. Who doesn’t want to focus on keeping your home’s climate well-controlled? Outdoor weather stays out where it belongs, so your heating and cooling systems don’t need to work wastefully to keep things comfortable.


Interior Design Trends: Metal Finishes

Metal finishesInterior Design Trends - Metal Finishes are still going strong into 2020. That’s good news for anyone who wants to upgrade or replace their window hardware. Essentially every kind of metal is on-trend! The hard part id deciding whether you want an industrial aesthetic focusing on metal finishes? Or a more classic gold or silver look–anything goes.

Here’s even more good news. Great Lakes Window hardware finishes, in both our standard finishes and optional upgrades, fit into the metal trend. From classic brass to shiny satin nickel, your window hardware will match your home design. Plus it will fit in with any other metal decor you are debuting in 2020 and beyond.


Get Ready for 2020 With Us

Are you are considering a statement piece featuring designer glass, or a switch to an eco-friendly product? Or something else entirely! Make your home the best it can be in 2020, by connecting with a Great Lakes Window dealer.

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