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There’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh air. That being said, when it comes to windows, you only want that air to breeze in when it’s under your control, and not the result of drafty, leaky windows! There are certain window styles that are best for ventilation. When you choose Great Lakes Window products you can be confident in your choice. With our products, when the windows are shut, their high performance features ensure the outdoors stays out and indoor comforts stay in.

You may want to open a window to let fresh air in and allow for passive cooling. This is both eco-friendly and friendly on your wallet. Different rooms may call for different levels of ventilation. For instance, bathrooms and kitchens may require more ventilation than a bedroom or storage space. Our expert Great Lakes Window dealers can advise you on which windows are best for your needs, starting with these popular choices.


Casement Windows

Usually the best bet for ventilation, casement windows have just one sash that cranks open fully, with one side hinged to the frame. This gives you maximum air movement, so long as the outdoor space can accommodate the sash as it arcs away from the wall.

Our casement windows can be joined together as double or triple casements, to maximize on light, air, and the view to the outdoors.


Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows, with a few key differences. The biggest change is how the window is hung. A casement window swings out vertically, while an awning window is hung horizontally. This puts the hinges on top, so the window arcs out from the bottom of the frame.

Offering many of the same advantages of a casement window, the awning namely offers unobstructed access to fresh air. An awning window can also stay open during rain showers, as the lifted window pane itself offers some protection from the weather. A similar option is the basement window or hopper window, which has a sash that swings inward.


Sliding Windows

Our sliding windows are horizontal, with sashes that can slide from side to side independently. They operate with ease and smoothness, that’s why they are also known as gliding windows. As a homeowner, this offers you the ability to quickly slide the window open and enjoy ventilation from side to side.

Sliding windows are often preferable in areas where a casement window or other protruding window simply will not fit. Or they work well on wide walls, filling the horizontal space.


Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows, you get the benefit of having both panels open. This means fresh air can come through the bottom sash, while stale indoor air moves through the top sash. They also work in spaces where a protruding window would not fit.

And it gets better. Our double hung windows offer the ability to tilt the sashes in for cleaning, taking care of a common annoyance with windows.


Now that you have an idea of what window styles are best for ventilation, we would be happy to talk to you about other options like size and shape, frame colors and materials, optional grilles and decorative panes, and of course, energy efficiency upgrades. Our dealers know all about today’s top window features and how they can work in your home. Simply get in touch with someone in our Great Lakes Window dealers network, and you will be well on your way to vinyl windows you can truly enjoy.

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