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It’s a common question from homeowners: should we invest in a full set of vinyl replacement windows, or only replace the ones that are an obvious problem? The answer is up to you, but we have a few questions to help you make your decision.

How Good are Your Existing Windows, Really?

It may seem like your windows are doing just fine, save for those you have identified as clearly having issues. But sometimes it can be hard to tell when your windows actually need replacement. Even if they are not falling off the wall, sending huge puddles into your room, or letting gusts of wind blow through, they may be worse off than you think.

Consider these factors. Are your windows safe? On closer inspection, are they still looking like new, or do they have cracks, stains, or chips? Can you operate them easily, or are you always pushing, pulling, or repairing?

You may also wish to consider the age of your windows and the technology that has improved since they were first installed. If you are going without modern energy efficiency and glass treatments, it’s worth the all-around upgrade.

Do Your Windows Match Your Style?

Let’s say you are planning to change the windows in one room, or one area of your home. You may be taking this opportunity to upgrade and change the style of the window, to better suit the way your tastes have developed. Once you change that handful of windows, are you going to wish the rest of your windows fit in with the new look? If so, it might make sense to get it all done at once so you can enjoy a truly rejuvenated look.

How Many Windows Need to Be Replaced?

If the rest of your windows are looking good, operating well, and suiting your home just fine, it probably makes more financial sense to deal with the few windows that need replacement. We’re happy to help you find the right vinyl replacement windows to do exactly that.

If, however, you are leaning toward replacing more of them, it can often save you money in the long-term to get it all done at once. It will cost more up front than it would to replace just a few windows, but if you are dealing with energy inefficiency or constant repairs, a bulk replacement will cut down on costs over the years.

Whatever you decide, or even if you need help deciding, we are here to walk you through all of your options with expert advice. Talk to a Great Lakes Window dealer today about your vinyl replacement window options.

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