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Garden windows protrude from a house sharply, often at a 90-degree angle to create a fully squared shape. These windows are boxed in with a fusion-welded frame that ensures the entire piece is strong, energy efficient, and completely weather resistant. If you are looking for a way to literally extend your home’s reach into the beautiful outdoors, consider one of our garden windows as your vinyl replacement window of choice.

A garden window is a particularly unique accent in any home with great views, lots of light, or simply a space that calls for some extra delight.


Letting in Light and Air with Garden Windows

Garden windows are a wonderful way to bring extra light into your home, with glass on all sides. If you can’t fit a large window in a space that is begging for natural light, even a small garden window will invite more sunlight from more angles than a standard window! And, these windows do so without adding unwanted heat or cold to your home thanks to modern Great Lakes Window glass options designed for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

If you do decide to open up the window for ventilation it’s easy, as each pane can typically be opened up and closed again securely. The differing angles allow for a cross-breeze that is comfortable and easy to control.


Garden Windows for Herbs and Plants, or Other Displays

Garden windows have that name for a reason: they are an ideal home for herbs, flowers, and other plants growing indoors. You can add shelves to the window to house additional pots, or set them on the flat lower surface of the window, giving your green thumb a chance to shine. Your plants will love the sunlight, and you will find that they are less likely to get knocked over or be in the way, safely recessed into the garden window frame.

If you don’t want to put plants in a garden window you can still use the shelves or lower surface as a display area for other precious items that you want to tuck away safely while still showing off.


Curb Appeal, and Interior Aesthetics

Garden windows are charming and look lovely both inside and out. When you’re in your home you will love the additional light, the added space, and the character garden windows bring to spaces of any style. On the outside, your house will stand out as one with attention to architectural detail, and a unique style that adds a little something extra.

Our reputable Great Lakes Window dealers would love to talk to you about how garden windows can fit into your home. Click an option below to either keep learning more or working with one of our local dealers to help you get started.

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