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It’s not always obvious to know when it is time to replace your windows. While some signs are practically impossible to miss, like drafts or leaks, others are elusive. From performance issues to added comfort, there are many reasons to replace your windows and doors.


Performance Issues

Having a draft or leaking from windows and doors is a significant indicator of failing window performance. You can test this out by just standing near your window on a colder day. If it feels like the air is cooler there than anywhere else in the house, then you likely have a thermal transfer problem. You can also check for this by feeling the window for cold glass. Another indicator would be visible light coming through the window frame.

Condensation or fogging may identify that a seal has failed. However, it’s not always the case and some condensation isn’t actually problematic, but you should investigate further.

When opening and closing the window becomes difficult it is likely due for a repair or replacement. This can be for many reasons; including painted-over windows, swollen frames, or failing hardware. If you must prop up a window or slam it shut, then it’s time to consider something new.

Single pane glass windows are more common in older homes, or those with builder grade features. These windows are less expensive to install but may have performance issues due to the lower quality of the glass. Having single pane glass in your home is not resistant to heat or cold, and your energy bills would surely benefit from an upgrade.


Safety Problems

Windows that do not lock properly pose a major safety issue. When a window cannot be secured it is open to anyone on the outside. Do not risk your prized possessions or the safety of you and your family to inferior designed windows.


Degraded Appearance

Having beautifully designed windows enhance your home’s value and curbside appeal. They need to look exceptional and fit in with the rest of your home’s design. An outdated design or style is a common issue when purchasing older homes, especially if the previous owner’s style doesn’t match your own. Making window replacements a great first step to updating a home to feel like yours.

Monitoring your window performance involves assessing your furniture, carpets, and other interior fixtures that may be fading in color. A window that does not properly block light can allow the sun to bleach your furniture.

Example of how to know when it’s time to replace your windows.

Example of how beautiful your home can look when you replace windows.


 Convenience and Comfort

Your windows should add comfort and convenience to your home. If your windows are missing the mark in these areas then you could benefit from replacement windows.

Having high energy bills is inconvenient and frustrating. The same holds true for windows that do not keep outdoor noises where they belong — outside, and away from the solitude and peace of your home. Both issues are readily fixed with new windows.

Constantly working to repaint or repair your windows and doors to make them look and function well enough is likely a waste of your time and effort. Consider how many hours and dollars you spend doing this. Your time and money could be saved by new professional replacement windows installed by one of our outstanding local dealers. Great Lakes Window’s products offer features such as easy-clean that prevents tirelessly scrubbing and maintaining windows.


Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Do any of the above window issues sound familiar to you? Then you should consider scheduling an appointment one of our window dealers to discuss replacement vinyl windows for your home.

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