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Now, more than ever, people around the world are worried about the environment and human impact on our planet. There are many ways to make eco-friendly choices in our lives, from recycling to reducing single-use plastic, to cutting back on carbon emissions. As you consider your environmental footprint, you may be pleased to find out that vinyl windows are an eco-friendly option for home improvement.


Eco-Friendly Energy Savings

Modern windows, including vinyl replacement windows, are remarkably energy efficient. Even without adding in the additional eco-friendly features we offer, like in our ecoSmart line. Vinyl windows provide insulation for your home, keeping heat and cold where you want them. That means your climate control system doesn’t need to work as hard at keeping you comfortable. Which results in less wasted energy, and less demand on your heating source in colder weather. All of this contributes to an environmentally friendly life.

And all of our windows are Energy Star certified. Which means you can count on Great Lakes Window to outfit your home with proven efficient products.


Vinyl is Recyclable, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

vinyl is recyclable and eco-friendly

Let’s consider the vinyl itself. While our windows are designed to last for decades if you ultimately find yourself finished with a Great Lakes window, the vinyl can be recycled. This reduces the environmental burden of window replacement.

Vinyl is also a sustainable material, compared to most plastics. While vinyl does require petroleum in manufacturing, that amount is less than what is used to produce other plastics. One of the biggest ingredients in vinyl’s makeup is common salt, which is renewable. It doesn’t take much energy to manufacture vinyl either, adding to its efficiency.



Easy Maintenance is Eco-Friendly

no need for bleach with eco-friendly vinyl windowsAny time you maintain a product, you are expending environmental resources. Harsh cleaners, paint, stain, sealants, and other chemicals are relied on for maintaining and repairing other types of window materials. And let’s not forget about the amount of water needed to regularly clean, maintain, and wash non-vinyl windows. Especially when wanting to clear them of those toxic chemicals!

Vinyl is incredibly easy to maintain. There’s no need to scrape, stain, paint, or otherwise put in a huge effort to keep them looking good. All it takes is a bit of simple cleaning — soap and a splash of water is fine! This means less strain on environmental resources, and more time for you to pursue your eco-friendly goals and interests.


When you are in the market for replacement windows, remember that vinyl is an excellent choice for your budget, your style, and the environment, too. Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online to learn more about our products and how they fit into your lifestyle.

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