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When the sun is up and the weather is comfortable, a patio, deck, or other outdoor space is like having your own personal piece of paradise. Sliding patio doors are the entrance to that paradise. They offering light, ventilation, ease of use, and of course, property value.

As the season of grilling, entertaining, and backyard fun takes off, consider making your home even better with well made sliding patio doors from Great Lakes Window. Here’s a rundown of some of the best benefits of sliding doors, followed by information on how you can upgrade your home with doors of your own.


Easy Access to the Outdoors

This is an obvious benefit but not one to be overlooked! Patio doors, especially smooth gliding ones like we make at Great Lakes Window, make it simple and seamless to enjoy the outdoors all season long. A sliding setup means you don’t have to worry about juggling doorknobs and swinging doors alongside your plate of barbecued food or an armful of outdoor toys. Consider the optional EuroGlide system, which lifts the sliding door off of the sill for seamless operation every time.

Depending on the weather and the conditions where you live, you may even be able to leave the door open for a while during the day, truly bringing the outdoors in. When it’s time to secure the door, use our optional keyed lock handle for extra security. Or add a footbolt for even more peace of mind.


More Light and Air Inside

Even when you are not actively enjoying your outdoor space, that same sliding door works to add more light, and if opened, more air, to your home.

A closed patio door is like a giant unobstructed window, bringing in natural light and all its health and wellness benefits. It means you can enjoy daylight even if you cannot get outside.

An open patio door brings fresh air into your home and gives stale indoor air somewhere it can escape, so your indoor air quality is refreshed. This can also help with cooling a hot home without having to rely on air conditioning all the time.


Invite Others to Your Entertainment Space

Do you enjoy hosting and entertaining? Then a welcoming outdoor space with an easy to operate sliding door is the perfect spot to have a party, or a casual sit-down with friends and family. With a patio door you have the option of easily sliding it open, to expand the gathering space to your patio or deck. Or, send the rowdier partygoers outside, and keep the indoors quiet thanks to the quality construction of a Great Lakes door.


Selecting Your Own Sliding Patio Door

When it’s time to choose your own sliding patio door, whether you are adding a new outdoor space and need access, or are replacing an existing door, our expert team of authorized dealers can help. Our sliding doors boast a lot of customization options. We have two, three, and four panel doors available in various widths and heights, with the option for completely custom measurements. There are additional options for security, as well as energy efficiency upgrades. Choose from a wide range of interior and exterior colors for the trim. Plus consider a glass design for even more distinctive style. Our team can help you navigate the options and determine what is best for your space, your style, and your budget. Get in touch today to learn more about our sliding patio doors and how they can improve your home.

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