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It’s a common thought. You need to buy replacement windows to improve your home, so a home improvement store makes sense. But we’re here to point out the benefits of shopping with a Great Lakes Window dealer. Someone who specializes in window and door replacement, versus heading to a store that’s selling a bit of everything.


The Drawbacks of a Home Improvement Store

It’s convenient to head to a home improvement store to check out the selection. However, you’re missing out on expertise and customization by shopping at a big box store.

Workers at these stores likely do not have the hands-on experience and training of our reputable Great Lakes Window dealers. Our dealers spend their days learning about window and door replacement, consulting with clients, and managing installations.

The other main issue with buying off the shelf windows is that your home is not necessarily built for off the shelf items. If you require custom sizing, colors, or want to upgrade your windows with grilles or other features, come to the experts. We’ll measure your home and work with you to choose any upgrades like ecoCore reinforcement. We can ensure that your replacement windows are the perfect, customized fit for your home and your lifestyle. Every product we make is available in custom-ordered 1/8″ increments, for a fit that is anything but off the shelf.

Many of our customers come to us to replace existing builder-grade windows that are not holding up to the test of time. When you shop at a home improvement store you may be inadvertently replacing your windows with yet another builder-grade option. We’re here to guide you to high-quality windows that check every mark on your wish list.


Working with A Window Replacement Company

That dedication to ensuring your windows are ideal for your home, budget, and lifestyle is just the start of what our dealers offer to homeowners. 

You can rely on us to always provide products that meet or exceed industry standards for quality and performance. We use state of the art technology and materials to create every vinyl replacement window and door. Plus we are always working to provide the features that our customers want, based industry research and our commitment to customer service.

When you choose to purchase vinyl replacement windows through a Great Lakes Window dealer, you gain access to our warranty program. This warranty covers your windows for the duration of your time in that home. That’s more than what most home improvement stores offer. And it is backed by our proven dedication to ensuring each of our customers is pleased with their purchase.

With Great Lakes Window you are more than just another customer walking through our doors. Our network of local dealers is full of industry professionals who are proud to treat each customer with the respect and customer service they deserve, for a relationship that lasts as long as our windows. You simply can’t pick that up at a home improvement store.

For the utmost in style, reliable performance, and attention to detail, look no further than Great Lakes Window. Get in touch with one of our local dealers today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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