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Windows are a part of your home that greatly impact energy efficiency, even though they do not use energy to function. That’s because windows, when not carefully selected and installed, can be a big source of heat loss in colder weather, and let out air-conditioned comfort in warm months.

We recognize that our clients want energy efficient windows. In fact, that is one of the most common reasons homeowners look into window replacement in the first place. Every single one of our windows is Energy Star certified, meaning that each one meets or exceeds strict energy efficiency guidelines set out by the US government. No matter what size, style, or type of window you select for your home, you can rest assured that as an Energy Star partner, Great Lakes Window products provide year-round comfort and cost savings.


What are Energy Star Ratings?

Energy Star ratings are based on the efficiency specifications set out by Energy Star itself. Each Energy Star rated product is tested and certified by a third party. This ensures that these energy efficient windows perform the same as, or better than standard windows. As a homeowner you will certainly see energy savings and cost savings using our efficient windows versus a standard or builder-grade product, without compromising on the performance of the product.

Our windows earn their ratings through high performance in blocking heat flow through windows, insulating and reducing the cost to cool and heat. Our windows permit very little solar heat gain, and withstand a high amount of wind pressure when closed and locked. Visible light transmittance, a measure of how much light can go through a window, also impacts the rating — our windows let light in without letting the associated heat in.

With warm edge spacers that prevent heat and cooling loss, gas fill between glass panes to promote insulation and energy efficiency, and low-E glass coatings that reduce the impact of the sun, there are many ways to make a Great Lakes window or door as energy efficient as possible.

Energy Star highlights its most efficient rated products, and we are pleased to share that our ecoSmart windows and our HarborLight Single Hung Series were the most efficient for 2019. We’re committed to being the best of the best!


Making the Most of Your Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows from Great Lakes are built to do the job right, and we add to that advantage by linking homeowners with our team of respected, skillful window and door dealers. The proper installation of windows and doors ensures that each product is as energy efficient as possible, installed and functioning in the way it was designed to work.

A lot of homeowners are tempted to DIY window and door installation, but this is where you can accidentally turn an efficient product into something less than ideal. Our trained professional team installs products securely, with a fit customized to your home to defeat the potential for leaks or similar problems.

Our Great Lakes window dealers  are here to help you with all aspects of choosing, buying, and installing energy efficient windows and doors. Each home is different, and your local climate, the age of your home, and your budget all impact the final window choices. Our dealers are skilled in narrowing down all of the options, consulting with you to choose the right products from our expansive list of Energy Star certified windows and doors. Get in touch today to learn more!

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