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Window and door hardware is a small piece of your overall home design, but it comes with a surprisingly big impact. The hardware you choose affects the look of your home, along with its security and the functionality of your windows and doors.

At Great Lakes Window, the beauty and durability of our windows and patio doors is matched by the hardware we offer. You can rest assured that our hardware is of the utmost quality, so your only decision comes down to style and function.

Choosing Window Hardware Finishes

Our windows come standard with hardware. It’s up to you to pick the finish, from our standard choices or with optional upgrades. The standard finishes cover classic white, beautifully neutral beige, a deeper Earthtone, or glitzier Pontiac Gold. You can also upgrade to classic brass, satin nickel, or a rich bronze.

Typically, a polished choice like satin nickel or brass creates a bright, modern look, lending a bit of extra sparkle to your windows. You may need to spend a bit of extra time wiping down this hardware, but it’s a great trade-off for a shine that will never go out of style.

A more muted, brushed or satin look like Pontiac Gold or bronze covers fingerprints more than a polished finish. They add an upscale, sophisticated look to your home.

Then there are the more matte finishes including white, beige, and Earthtone. These are a great choice for neutral finishes that may not take the spotlight themselves, but also work as the perfect backdrop to your other design choices.

We do offer some additional functional window hardware upgrades, such as the EZLok sash lock on double hung windows. It conceals tilt latches for a more elegant profile.

Picking Perfect Patio Door Hardware

When it comes to our patio doors, you can trust that same Great Lakes quality. Our standard handsets are unkeyed, available in bronze or beige. When you upgrade to lock and key handle sets, the options expand to include white, beige, satin nickel, classic brass, and bronze.

Or, you can upgrade even further to our premium handle sets, in satin nickel, classing brass, or oil-rubbed bronze. These handle sets feature a shapely handle and larger lock area, adding a classic look to your patio doors.

For the best of the best, choose our EuroGlide operating system, which is the utmost in functionality for a patio door. The handle lifts the door panel off of the sill with a simple rotation, gliding effortlessly. That easy gliding remains reliable through the lifetime of your door, thanks to a ball bearing roller system that keeps things moving with a fraction of the amount of force it usually takes to open a standard sliding door. Our EuroGlide system is available in white, brushed nickel, Resista Brass, Rustic Umber, and black.

The finishes you choose for your door hardware follow the same design considerations as those we listed above for windows. You will, however, want to think about if you want your window and door hardware to match.

We hope this helps you narrow down your hardware options. If you want more information or assistance in choosing your windows, doors, and hardware, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable local dealers. Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online.

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