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Putting replacement windows in your home is of course a major investment. Even if it’s something you know you want or need to do. But it’s all too easy to keep pushing the project to the back burner in the name of saving up more money, waiting for a less-busy time, or simply out of procrastination, knowing that it’s a big project.

But a window replacement project is in fact not something you should wait on, especially if your windows are impacting your quality of life in a negative way. With Great Lakes Window’s durable, long-lasting, cost efficient options, you can go ahead and say yes to replacement windows. No need to wait! Here are our top five reasons why you should invest in replacement windows, sooner rather than later.


Reason #1: Costs Continue to Rise

replacement windowsWe aren’t talking about the cost of window products here — rather, it’s the cost of living. The longer you go with subpar windows in your home, the more you will end up spending on heating and cooling. Most of us experience a jump in our energy bills every year as utility providers adjust their pricing. Which means that your drafty old windows are going to cost you more and more as utility costs increase. Cost of living is not getting any cheaper with time, so why not fix a major energy drain as soon as you can?


Reason #2: Damage Adds Up

Similar to the cost of living point above, if your windows are damaged, they are only going to get worse with time. That, in turn, means that your eventual replacement cost will be even higher. Especially if you let things go to the point that it’s an emergency job. You may feel like you’re saving money now by ignoring the problem, but it’s contributing to a much bigger issue for you in the future.


Reason #3: You Should Enjoy Your Home

As a homeowner you should be able to feel safe, comfortable, and happy in your home. It’s not just a house — it’s the place where you and your family live, play, and rest. What is that worth to you?

At Great Lakes Window we believe that every home, and every resident in a home, deserves quality and comfort. Our replacement windows ensure that you and your belongings are secure, weatherproof, and protected by a products with a proven track record.


Reason #4: Take Advantage of Technology

replacement windowsEspecially if you live in a home with older, or builder-grade windows (or older builder-grade windows, even worse!), you aren’t getting the most out of your windows. Today’s vinyl windows from Great Lakes are a huge improvement from original windows. We keep up to date with the latest innovations in window and door products. This means our windows are top of the line when it comes to soundproofing, energy efficiency, cost savings, and of course, style. If you’ve traded your flip phone for a smartphone, and ditched the black and white tube TV for a modern flatscreen, think about doing the same with your windows.



Reason #5: Make the Most of Your Time

If you have old windows, you’re likely stuck participating in rituals like installing and removing storm windows. Having to pull out the stepladder to wash old windows from the outside, and painting your window frames to keep them looking good takes time. Today’s vinyl replacement windows cut all of those time-consuming needs out of your life for good, giving you more time to do what you enjoy.

Energy efficient vinyl windows make storm windows a thing of the past. They’re easy to clean from the inside, and of course, the vinyl co-extruded colors don’t require painting to stay fresh.


It’s time to upgrade your life, and your home. Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online to get started with your window replacement project today.

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