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So you’ve made the decision to have new energy efficient windows installed in your home. You’ve worked out your budget, decided which windows need to be replaced, and may have even begun to research different styles. But now you have to sort through all of the window dealers that will potentially be taking on your project. Replacing your home windows is a big investment, and you want to make sure that not only the product is top-notch, but that your dealer has experience and excellent references. Here are seven questions we recommend asking your window dealer or contractor during a consultation.

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When doing your research on window dealers, one thing that is relatively easy to check is how long they’ve been in business. Someone that has been doing this for years might make you more comfortable if you aren’t quite sure about the process or what you’re looking for. In regards to their experience level, you’ll also want to ask for references. This is the most honest feedback you can receive, since references shouldn’t have anything to gain or lose from speaking with you and being upfront about how the process went for them. Do your due diligence though, and also check out the Better Business Bureau for ratings and feedback.

You’ll want your dealer to be licensed and registered in your state. It’s also important to know if they carry personal liability, worker’s compensation and property damage insurance coverage. While window installers aren’t required to be licensed, finding one that is speaks well to their credibility. It means they’ve taken the time and put in the investment to acquire their license and met the stipulations needed.

The warranty for your replacement windows should also be considered when choosing a dealer. Figure out if they offer a manufacturer’s warranty not only on the product after it’s installed, but a warranty that’s applicable during the installation process.

You don’t have to settle for the first dealer you meet. You should get bids from multiple dealers and analyze not just the cost, but the process and the product. How long should installation take? How many people will be on-site during the process? What kind of materials are the windows made of?

Finding a reputable window dealer is an important part of the window buying process. Not only are you trusting them with a big investment, but they will help you make decisions and select products that will be in your home for years to come. You need someone you can trust that has the knowledge and experience to make the process as seamless and beneficial as possible. Great Lakes Window dealers are carefully selected, well-known and respected in their field. They’ll work hard to help you make the best decisions for your home.

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