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Great Lakes Window offers several great vinyl replacement window styles. Today we’re focusing on a popular and versatile choice that are the sliding windows.

Getting replacement vinyl sliding windows is easier than you’d think. These horizontal windows will slide from side to side, both left and right. People often choose sliding windows because they move easily, are removable for cleaning, and look great as a contemporary window option.

You may be wondering where sliding windows would work best in a home, and we will help you determine it.


Places Where You Want or Need Air

Sliding windows open both left and right, and are perfect for areas where you want ventilation. They’re a popular option in areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. This will help you and your guests have a quick and easy way to ventilate the room.


Hard to Reach Spaces

Sliding windows are quite easy to use with little effort. So they’re also great for areas where you want air but the window is a bit more challenging to reach. Whereas other window types like Double Hung might require a stool or ladder to reach in certain locations and therefore aren’t the best option.


Horizontally Oriented Spaces

If you have more horizontal space than vertical space in your home then a sliding window will fit in without looking like it doesn’t belong. These windows can also maximize your outdoor view if you choose a glass style with an unobstructed pane. Make the most of your living space to view the outdoors and add natural light to your home.


Homes with a Need for Energy Efficiency

All of our windows come in highly energy efficient options! That being said, sliding windows may add a bit of extra efficiency than others. This is because the simplicity of these windows makes it easy to open and shut, which also cuts down on parts that can interfere with a good seal.


Choosing Sliding Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you have decided that sliding windows are a good fit for some or all of the spaces in your home then you just need to figure out which one is best for you. Make your specific decision based on features like decorative styles, interior and exterior color schemes, and energy efficiency ratings. Go ahead and take a look through our photo gallery for inspiration!

Great Lakes Window dealers have the expertise and skill to walk you through every step of window selection and installation. Whether you have an idea of what you would like or are starting out with a blank slate. From modern and effective sliding windows to custom shaped window profiles our knowledgeable dealers will assist you in selecting and personalizing windows that will make your home comfortable, beautiful, and efficient for the lifetime of your home.

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