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With Great Lakes Window homeowners are able to create the sliding patio door solution of their dreams. All of our doors are perfect for letting natural light spill into one’s home, highlighting the natural beauty of the outdoors. One tip for patio doors is that you can customize your doors to your space and style preferences. We offer options for two, three, and four panels, all of which come in various widths and heights. Plus we offer fully custom dimensions.

It’s a great base for a stylish entryway and exit, and these tips will only improve your patio doors.


Tip for Patio Doors #1: Understand the Benefits of Vinyl

Tip for Patio Doors #1: Understand the Benefits of VinylWhen researching sliding patio doors you may find that there are various frame materials. Everything from wood to metal to vinyl. We put our focus on vinyl sliding patio doors because the material is high quality and cost-effective. Vinyl is durable, low maintenance, and can be created in various colors and trims. We even have styles that expertly mimic wood. With vinyl, you have all of the beauty of other materials, without the maintenance that comes with age and the elements.


Tip for Patio Doors #2: Follow Local Codes

Your local area might have specific patio door installation codes that set out specific standards for safety and installation practices. Our Great Lakes Window dealers are happy to work with you to be sure that these codes are followed, without compromising on your vision.


Tip for Patio Doors #3: Look for Energy Efficiency

Tip for Patio Doors #3: Look for Energy EfficiencyAll of our patio doors can be configured to meet ENERGY STAR performance requirements. Above all, this adds an extra element of protection to keep your home comfortable. Add that to our heavy-duty weatherstripping and insulated glass, and you are sure to enjoy the performance of your sliding patio door.




Tip for Patio Doors #4: Consider Upgrades

Tip for Patio Doors #4: Consider UpgradesLike our vinyl replacement windows, Great Lakes Window’s sliding patio doors are easy to upgrade with custom features and finishes. Our glass designs are visually appealing, like the geometric lines of our Chandler design . Or consider to the natural beauty of the Laurel pane which mimics the flora and fauna of the outdoors. Decorative glass panels can also work to provide a layer of privacy if your patio door faces a higher-traffic area.

Our sliding door hardware is available in standard finishes that suit every style. But for those who want something a bit more, our upgraded and premium patio door lock and key handlesets add extra security. We also have the exclusive EuroGlide ball bearing system.


Tip for Patio Doors #5: Work with a Professional Partner

Our Great Lakes Window dealers take all of the hassle out of choosing and installing sliding patio doors. Our team is made up of well-known, educated dealers with years of experience in the field. These are the people who consult with homeowners and install doors all the time,so they know what they are doing. When you choose to partner with pros like our Great Lakes Window team, you will find that it’s well worth it. Any questions or concerns you have will be easily answered by our experienced professionals. Plus they will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your door design is exactly what you want. They can also offer ideas for upgrades and design choices that bring out the best in your home, matching your desires to the features Great Lakes Window offers.

Find a Great Lakes Window dealer by using our online search page. Because with this team of pros on your side, and quality products you can rely on, your patio door will quickly become one of the best features of your home.

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