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Awning windows may not carry the same dramatic appeal as a large picture, bay, or bow window, but these horizontally hung windows are an important feature in many homes. Awning windows are functional workhorses, with hinges on top that allow for outward opening. They provide protection from the elements, even when wide open, and can be easily mixed with the more dramatic windows to create a good blend between practical and picturesque.

Here at Great Lakes Window, we think every style of vinyl replacement window serves its purpose. There are many benefits to installing awning windows, either as a standalone or as part of a larger window feature. Check out all of these reasons awning windows could work perfectly in your home!

Privacy, Weatherproofing, and Fresh Air

Because awning windows open outward, they are the perfect solution for a space that calls for extra fresh air. These windows can be installed higher up within walls than many other window types, so they offer both ventilation and privacy. You can easily reach up and crank the window open, letting in light and air, without any passerby being able to see in thanks to the elevation. And, with awning windows installed up high, your home receives natural light without losing space for furniture or art.

The outward opening also provides weatherproofing. In the event that there is light rain or wind, the construction of the window can protect against water getting into the home. So, even in wetter climates, you and your family can enjoy fresh air moving through the home.

Our windows are made with fusion welded frames, ensuring that they remain strong and square, along with staying weather tight.

Easy Operation and a Great View

That same operation, with a single hinge on top of the window, ensures ease of use for anyone. That means awning windows are ideal in awkward locations. At the same time, the operation moves the window open from the bottom so you can enjoy a fairly unobstructed view, especially with our invisible screen technology.

These features make awning windows a particularly good choice alongside stationary windows like picture glass. You can quickly crank open an awning window for fresh air and light, without impeding the overall view.

Our awning windows come with a single-lever multi-point locking mechanism with a single locking handle, which means you can rest assured that your windows have the maximum in security features without complicating operation.

Awning windows are an excellent solution in many spaces, where a crank-operated window is preferable to a sliding window, or where the layout calls for a window that is wider than it is tall. And, awning windows will always be a good complement to stationary, larger windows that cannot let in fresh air.

Of course, not ever situation or space calls for an awning window, which is why our local dealers are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs. With years of planning and installing vinyl replacement windows and doors, our Great Lakes Window dealers have the knowledge and expertise to make your next home renovation project run smoothly.

Whether you have an awning window in mind or want to talk about your options for replacement windows, our dealers are here to help. Find a local dealer online to get started on your journey toward improving your home with Great Lakes Window products.

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