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Winter is behind us, spring is almost in the rearview mirror, and summer is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to jump on board scheduling your window replacement project before this all too short season is over and we’re facing winter weather again.

If you didn’t get around to scheduling a window replacement in spring, don’t worry. Although many people prefer spring for home improvement projects, this is something that can be just as effective in summer. In fact, some homeowners prefer summer home renovations.


The Benefits of Window Replacement in Summer

Enhance your home’s curbside appeal this summer with new windows.

A summer project means you will not be exposing the interior of your home to harsh winter conditions or spring allergens, nor will you be scrambling to complete an autumn project before winter rolls around again. Installers can get through vinyl window replacement projects without having to stop or delay because of cold, wet, or windy conditions. The weather is on your side!

Getting new vinyl replacement windows in early summer, before the weather gets too hot, can save you money in the long run. Installing energy efficient windows like the ones in our ecoSmart line before you’re battling the highest temperatures of the year will cut down your bills and help you start saving immediately. And, when you have to start heating for winter a few months later, those same windows will keep your costs low.


Considerations for Summer Home Renovation Scheduling

Installing vinyl replacement windows will necessitate some time in which your home will be exposed to the outdoors. Our installers are quick and effective, and won’t let this happen needlessly, but the weather forecast is definitely something you should consider. You may wish to aim for vinyl window replacement before it gets too hot, closer to spring or fall.

The summer is a great season to enjoy your new windows.

Your own summer schedule will also factor into your plans. If you have booked a summer vacation, are planning a big party at home, or know that you’ll be busy getting the kids ready to go back to school at the end of the summer, avoid these times. Conversely, if you’re sending your kids off to summer camp or know that you’ll have some downtime at home with slower office hours, this extra freedom can be beneficial in scheduling a window installation.


Scheduling a Consultation

For all of these reasons, summer is a popular time for homeowners to invest in vinyl replacement windows. If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your windows, now is the time to schedule a consultation so you can get it done before summer flies by.

It’s easy to schedule a consultation with a respected Great Lakes Window dealer. Simply search for a dealer in your area online, and connect with someone local who can arrange a consultation. We offer countless combinations of colors, designs, sizes and features, and our expert dealers know how to help you narrow down the options to find something absolutely perfect for your home, your budget, and your style.

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