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If you want to fix your home up, you may be considering a renovation or a remodel. Often these words are used interchangeably but in fact, they actually mean two different things! A renovation brings things to its previous state while a remodel makes something new, key for your decisions around replacement windows.

Remodelling vs. Renovating

While both terms are often used to describe making ones home look better, the definition differs. Renovating, per its definition, means bringing something back to good condition as if it is new again. Remodelling is closer to remaking, altering the actual structure.

The two are quite similar, and for the layperson, practically the same. But when it comes to real estate, contracting, and window replacement, each approach means a different thing. You are either renovating to revive existing structures, or remodelling to dramatically alter your home.

Remodelling With Replacement Windows

Under the definitions of remodelling versus renovating, remodelling your windows means altering them in a tangible way. If you want to transform the layout or structure of your windows in a big way, it’s more of a remodel. Replacing a small bank of windows with a large picture window, or creating a new window area are great examples of the transformative power of remodelling.

Renovating Your Windows

Renovating windows spans from repainting existing, older frames, to simply updating existing window areas with modern windows. The level of renovation you want to undertake depends on your budget, timeframe, and goals for refreshment. Ultimately, the difference between renovating and remodelling of windows is that you are not making dramatic alterations.

If your windows are old or in need of attention, we do suggest that you consider a more permanent change than refacing or repainting your window frames. Today’s windows are of a much higher quality than their predecessors and technology has improved a lot in the last several years. DIY renovations may make your windows look better, but their performance will still suffer compared to professional replacement.

That said, if you are happy with the layout of your home’s windows, a simple renovation would involve replacing those windows with modern counterparts. You may not notice a huge aesthetic transformation, but the change will reflect in the comfort of your home, its overall value, and your energy bills.

Deciding Between Window Remodelling or Renovation

Ultimately, the decision between a dramatic home remodel, or a simpler renovation, comes down to your goals for your living space. If you are unhappy with the way things are and willing to invest in major changes, it’s time to embrace a dramatic remodel to make your home the best it can be. On the other hand, if you simply want a refreshment, a less expensive but still effective renovation is the way to go.

Our experienced Great Lakes Window dealers can help you decide just how much work you should put into your home to achieve your goals. Having assisted numerous customers through remodelling and renovation before, our dealers know which approaches offer the most value as you move through your next steps.

Whether you lean toward a remodelling or a renovation project, we are here to guide you through it. All you have to do is contact a local dealer today to be well on your way to the home of your dreams.

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