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Great Lakes Window Double Hung with Vent LatchWindows offer a view to the outside world, bringing more light and interest into your home. Unfortunately, they can also represent a hazard to young children, particularly toddlers and kids under age 10 who have a higher rate of window fall-related injuries. To be clear, this is a risk that is largely preventable, with a few simple tools and tasks to childproof the windows in your home. It’s a good idea for everyone to invest in window safety, whether or not you have kids of your own. 

Replacing Old Windows

Today’s modern windows are already built to be much safer than their older counterparts. There are stopping features that ensure a higher-floor window can only be opened so far, and not far enough for a child to fall through. Older windows, however, open without restriction and pose a much greater risk.

There are many reasons to replace old windows, from energy efficiency to style. If you have been thinking about vinyl replacement windows to transform your space, let window safety be another check in the yes column!

As you plan for your new windows, think about the layout carefully and consult with your window design pro. Hanging windows higher up than older windows were installed can prevent falls. In some cases, you may want to install a fixed, larger window for safety, with functional side windows that do not represent a fall risk.

Until you can replace those older windows, make sure that you are only opening the top of any aged, double-hung windows. It isn’t a long term solution, but is safer in the meantime.

Great Lakes Sliding Patio Door with Foot LockLocks and Limiters

The locks for our vinyl replacement windows are small, but mighty. The EZlok flush-mounted sash lock is low-profile yet incredibly functional in securing double hung windows. For casement and awning windows we offer a multi-point locking system using one handle for simplicity and ease of operation. These locks keep your windows closed and secure, ideal for both window safety and avoiding unwanted intrusions.

Of course, there will be times where you want to open a window instead of locking it completely. That is where our ventilation limit latches play an important role. These window limiters, also available as child safety latches, limit how far a window can open while still allowing for ventilation.

Talk to your Great Lakes Window dealer about the locking features that are best suited for your vinyl replacement windows.

Aftermarket Window Guards and Stoppers

When you are investing in all-new vinyl replacement windows, we are certain we can create a safe solution for your home using our own products. But for those who are childproofing older windows while planning a renovation, there are aftermarket options that can help.

Window guards bar children from being able to stick their heads out of a window, when properly sized. Look for window guards that have an emergency release that is inaccessible to children but there for adults to use if needed. Some are even available in mesh, which will somewhat block the view temporarily but offer peace of mind to parents of young kids.

Window stoppers are the aftermarket version of limit latches, with wedges, hooks, or locks. Be sure you are choosing the window stopper that is suited for your specific window type — an aftermarket stopper for a casement window won’t work for a double-hung window.

When you are ready to invest in safety with a vinyl window replacement, get in touch with our Great Lakes Window dealers. Having installed countless windows in a wide variety of homes, they know the importance of safety, and know how to translate it to your home.

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