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Planning an outdoor space accessible from your home means making some decisions about patio doors. The two main contenders are sliding doors or French (hinged) doors. Both have advantages, but we are big believers in sliding patio doors!

Our own line of sliding patio doors is affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, everything you want and need in your door selection. Sliding doors offer many benefits — read on to find out why we think they’re a superior choice to French doors.


Sliding Patio Doors: Great Design, Easy Maintenance

sliding patio doorThe traditional French door have grille bars adhered to the exterior of the glass, necessitating careful cleaning. Our designer glass adds to the elegance of a sliding door, mimicking a more traditional French door but adding convenience. That’s because our hand-cut, clear or stained glass inlays are mounted between insulating glass, offering easy maintenance and thermal performance at the same time. Or choose our grilles between the glass, for the look of grilles, without the cleaning hassle.


Sliding Patio Doors: Superior Space Saving

Sliding doors are a space saver, versus French doors which have to swing in or out. Especially when considering the impact on how much of your patio or deck is truly usable, a sliding door makes the most of livable area, as it does not require any space to swing.

When considering space, the doorway size matters too. If you have a particularly large, small, or oddly-sized area for your doors, it’s often easier to fill that space with a sliding door, easily customizable to various sizes and available in more standard sizes than a French door.

We have two-panel doors available in five, six, and eight foot widths. Three-panel doors come in nine and 12 foot widths. Or go even bigger with four-panel doors in 10, 12, or 16 foot widths. Our doors scale from 6’8” to 6’10” to 8” in height, and these are just the standard sizes. All can be custom ordered to your needs.


Sliding Patio Doors: Let in More Light

sliding patio doorA sliding patio door offers two key ways to bring in more natural light.

The first is the space availability, as outlined above. With a sliding door you can create an opening as large as you would like. Where you might put a picture window, if you’re looking for a way outside you can add a patio door and get even more impact in terms of daylight.

The second consideration is the door frame. A French door set often requires a winder, larger door frame, which cuts into the amount of light that can stream through. Sliding patio doors require less frame width, and the narrower frame means more glass and thus, more light.


To learn more about our sliding patio doors, or other Great Lakes Window products, get in touch with one of our experienced local dealers today using our online finder.

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