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When selecting new window replacements for your home it’s important to have options. The good news is, if you want something a little different than the classic white or beige double hung window, you have plenty of other choices! Whether upgrading the colors, adding grilles, matching the hardware to other fixtures in your home, or choosing designer glass, you can easily customize your new windows to match your unique style.


You can select both your exterior and interior window colors to achieve the look you want. Mix and match to find what works best for your home.


Our selection of shades allows you to complement the existing siding, stone, brick or stucco of your home. The paint is heat-reflective, meaning the color will stand up to years of wear and tear without chipping, fading or peeling. You’ll find a range of bold hues such as dark bronze, evergreen, or black, as well as more neutral tones, like beige, earthtone and sandstone.



Choose from classic white or beige interior paint colors, or go more premium with woodgrain options like natural oak or rosewood. These wood trims can complement the existing wood trim, cabinets or flooring of your home.



Window grilles come in a variety of patterns to lend a unique look to your windows. Choose from the classics like colonial, diamond or perimeter, or try something unexpected such as regal Florentine. In addition to the pattern of your window grid designs, you can also choose whether the grilles go in between the panes of glass, or on the exterior with Simulated Divided Lites. In between allows for easy cleaning, while exterior creates the look of individual panes of glass.

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The hardware on your windows isn’t only for appearance, it’s for keeping your windows secure. Different lock systems such as low-profile sash lock, EZLok, multi-point locking systems, and fold-away nesting handles work with various window styles to keep your home safe. From there, you can choose which finish you’d like to see on the hardware of your locks. Classics such as white, beige, brass or satin nickel are always a good choice, or try earthtone, Pontiac gold or a deep bronze. Consider the other hardware in the room you’re adding windows to. Think about matching your kitchen window hardware to your faucet or cabinet handles, for example.


Designer Glass

Designer glass makes an excellent addition to any accent windows in your home. The glass is hand-cut, clear or stained in a variety of patterns, and mounted between two continuous sheets of annealed or safety tempered insulating glass to ensure energy efficiency.


Whether you want to customize all of these parts of your window or just one or two, you’ll be happy you chose a look that appeals to your style and enhances your home.

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