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Window Considerations For Home Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting prospect, but it can be daunting, too! There are a lot of details to consider when you’re trying to find your dream home. And unless you’re building it from scratch or willing to do an extensive renovation, it’s a tall order to find one home that has every feature you want.

A lot of home buyers focus on the big-ticket items when touring homes or having a pre-buy home inspection completed. Window considerations don’t seem as important when you’re looking at things like roof repairs, foundation issues, HVAC systems. But windows are important, too, and should factor into your home buying considerations.

Window Considerations To Be On The Lookout For

Watch for indicators of window problems during open houses, tours, and inspections. Foggy windows, damaged trim, cracked or broken window panes are never good signs. And difficult window operation, broken locks and hardware, or a general feeling of air flow are all signs that you’re likely going to need to replace some windows if you buy that house.

Window ConsiderationsIf the windows are in great shape, you’re doing well! However, you may want to consider upgrading or changing hardware or trim to meet your own style. This may be now, or later on as you paint, decorate, and make small adjustments within each room after moving in.

It’s also worth considering how you will use the entire house, and its windows, over time. For example, if you do plan to renovate a room, will the layout change enough that you will be buying replacement windows? Even if the windows are in good shape, do they have additional features like sound control that you might want if the neighborhood turns out to be noisy? It’s better to consider all of the ways your window and door needs might shift over time, to be prepared to invest in replacement windows.


Window Considerations For Home Sellers

Selling a home and attracting a committed buyer is all about curb appeal and maximizing the value of your home. It can be challenging to balance spending money to make the home more attractive, with seeing a return on that investment in the sale.

Window ConsiderationsPeople who invest in vinyl replacement windows see about 73.4% of that cost recouped on resale according to this report. So, you will not get every penny back on your investment. However, window replacement is one of the higher cost vs value choices when it comes to remodeling.

It’s also important to note that the direct costs aren’t the only thing to consider. Buyers are wanting energy efficiencies in their homes. 89% of them, according to this report. That means they prefer properties with features like new windows, and are willing to pay for those properties.

So, your home with window upgrades might sell faster than another home with broken down, inefficient windows. And it will more than likely sell at a higher price with more competition. If there are other parts of your home that are worse for wear, this could be great! Or if you’re trying to stand out in a saturated real estate market, brand new energy efficient windows can elevate your home to a more coveted position.


Whether you have just bought a new home and are thinking about how you can upgrade the windows and doors now or in the future, or are thinking about upgrading before you sell, reach out to one of our knowledgeable window dealers for their perspective. Find a Great Lakes Window dealer using our online search today.


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