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cost of replacing home windows
Are you planning a home improvement project for 2015? Maybe you have decided to replace your outdated windows with new energy efficient windows? No matter what updates and improvements you plan to make to your home, the cost of replacing home windows is a major consideration. REMODELING Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, averages that mid-range vinyl replacement windows cost approximately $11,198. This makes updating your windows a practical and more affordable choice than any total room overhauls. A minor kitchen remodel weighs in around $19,226, with a home office remodel costing about $29,066. Replacing the windows in these rooms can not only greatly improve appearance, it can make them more comfortable as well.

Installing energy efficient replacement windows is a project on many homeowners’ lists. Constant rising energy costs is a big concern, and knowing there is a way to help with the cost of replacing home windows in addition to giving your home a more modern look is appealing. A few benefits of energy efficient windows include:

  • Looks: More modernized and attractive appearance
  • Costs: Energy cost savings and decreased HVAC costs
  • Protection: Block harmful UV rays from ruining upholstery
  • Comfort: Improved temperature and comfort in any room of the home
  • Lighting: New windows can improve the quality of light filtering inside
  • Usability: Old windows might be stuck or hard to open. Easily let in fresh air and sunlight.
  • Security: Newer windows have new and improved technologies built into locking devices to increase security of your windows.

When the time comes, a few factors will affect the overall cost of replacing home windows. The materials you choose, any add-ons, how many windows you are replacing, the style of window or the type of glass pack you decide on. A professional will help you determine what you need. For example, if you live somewhere with a lot of sunshine, they will likely discuss Low-E Glass Coating, which is a microscopically-thin, virtually-invisible metallic layer deposited on the glass surface. This coating reduces solar heat gain and provides excellent protection against fading from UV rays. Or if you live somewhere that gets extremely cold, they will likely talk to you about U-Factors. You will want a lower U-Factor, meaning the window is better at keeping heat in.

You will also discuss other energy efficiency factors, including panes of glass, warm edge spacers, gas fill, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Transmittance. There are many components that combine to make a window energy efficient, and the ones you need to worry about depend a lot on where you live. Working with a trusted window dealer will help you find the window replacement that your home actually needs while working within your budget.

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