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The History of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows were first manufactured in 1954 by German manufacturer, Trocal. Vinyl was an experimental material to use. It was selected as aluminum rose in price and wood became short on supply after the war. Without easy, affordable access to natural materials, manufacturers turned to vinyl.

The initial designs were somewhat unwieldy, but within a few years the BF Goodrich Company in America tried to manufacture windows closer to the previous designs in wood and aluminum. This first created a more modern vinyl window.

Vinyl replacement windows came into popularity in the 1960s. “It was very primitive, but we sold 25 to 30 thousand the first year and it worked pretty well,” said David Weis, founder of Thermal Industries, who brought the product to market in 1964.

Soon, vinyl joined the new construction industry in the 1980s. Rising in popularity and quality alike, vinyl window sales grew in the mid-1990s by 125%, used as replacement windows as well as in new construction.


Today’s Vinyl Windows

vinyl winfows

Vinyl is not going anywhere. It’s the second-most produced plastic by volume worldwide. In the world of windows and doors, vinyl is a popular choice for both.

Windows made from vinyl offer thermal performance with lowered energy costs. They keep heat in during winter weather and keeping hot outdoor elements on the outside during warm months. With modern glass technology always improving, today’s windows are incredibly energy efficient.

As they were in the beginning, modern vinyl windows remain durable and easy to maintain. There is no need to sand, scrape, paint or stain. In fact, keeping these windows clean and looking great simply requires a bit of soap and water! Unlike metals, vinyl won’t rust or corrode, and unlike wood, they won’t rot or splinter.

And, as it was from the start, vinyl is affordable! Less expensive than natural materials, vinyl is the preferred choice for homeowners and contractors wanting a great product without a hefty price tag.


Looking to Tomorrow

vinyl windowsWindows, and window glass technology, continues to improve. Everyone is looking for high performance products that manage thermal properties well, while remaining affordable and durable. Features like soundproofing, and energy efficiency are some of the latest and greatest, all offered by Great Lakes Window.

We’re committed to bringing you the best of the best, now and in the future. Contact one of our experienced, skilled local dealers to learn more about our modern windows.

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