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Here at Great Lakes Window we’re thrilled to be switching our screens to FlexScreen!

FlexScreen is the latest and greatest in window screen technology, offering durability along with flexibility. This switch allows for even greater customization of our window products. Now, alongside our renowned windows all their functional and design features, you can choose a screen that suits your needs and looks great.


Why FlexScreen?

We know how important quality construction is when it comes to windows and their features. In our years of hands-on experience we have seen how well-made products outlast flimsy construction. Our switch to FlexScreen as our standard offering makes our windows even better, because FlexScreen is built to last.

FlexScreen is damage resistant in many ways. It’s made from PVC coated, carbon enriched spring steel, protecting it from dents and breaks no matter what gets thrown at it. The powder coated steel frame is scratch resistant, leaving your screens looking just as good as the day one.

On top of that, these screens are easy to use, clean, and store. They literally spring into the window opening without any complex installation or removal methods required. The low profile makes them easy to clean and easy to store.

Many of our customers are opting for our window products to showcase an excellent view and they do not want a screen to obstruct it. FlexScreen offers a FlexView screen that gives the functionality of screen protection while, cutting out the bulk and visual noise.


Ordering Your New Windows and Screens

We’re always improving our products, as your dedicated window and door company. FlexScreen products are just one example of our commitment to quality products and excellent customer service.

We’re excited about what FlexScreen has to offer. We know that these durable, aesthetically pleasing mesh screens will make our window products that much better. If you’re excited as we are and want to learn more, get in touch with one of our experienced Great Lakes Window dealers.

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