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Whether you live in a new construction with builder grade finishes, or an older home that is stuck in the builder basic past, you could benefit from an upgrade to your doors and windows.

Basic doors and windows do the trick for something that is ‘good enough.’ They are simple, sometimes outdated, and generic.

While builder grade is better than nothing at all, upgrading to high quality window and door products adds to the value and personality of your home.

According to the 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Research Department Remodeling Impact Report, new vinyl windows rank highly in buyer appeal, and in adding resale value to a home. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon, you’ll still benefit from this project. The report also found that 83% of homeowners have a greater desire to be home since completing their window upgrade project, 60% have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home, and 76% have a major sense of accomplishment when they think about the project.

Instead of spending your money trying to make your builder grade windows last longer, with temporary measures like weatherstripping, invest in long term comfort and style with ecoSmart, ComfortSmart or HarborLight windows.

Upgrading Your Builder Grade Doors

No matter what beautiful landscape is outside of your home, you’re doing it a disservice with a boring builder grade door as its frame. Your patio, deck, or yard deserves better! Builder grade doors are generally as basic and boring as it gets, and energy inefficient at that.

Whether you have a basic patio door to replace, or want to switch out a regular exterior door for an inviting view, our premium door products from Great Lakes Window are customized to your home.

With options ranging from two panel doors through to four panel doors, available in standard widths and heights or custom fits, you will find that our doors are a major upgrade from what your builder left behind. As with all of our products, our sliding patio doors promote comfort, energy efficiency, and ease of use, looking great at the same time. We offer a full spectrum of attractive trim colors to suit both the interior and exterior of your home, and glass options that range from traditional to modern.

Upgrading Your Builder Grade Windows

Like builder grade doors, builder grade windows are often the cheapest, most basic glass around. Made from the most inexpensive materials, these windows are jammed into every home regardless of its specific needs. These windows might look good enough, but upgraded windows have many more benefits.

With high quality windows you will be able to maintain the temperature of your home, save money on energy bills, and enjoy your windows for a much longer time.

Great Lakes Window products like our sound control glass windows offer even more value, blocking noise in four ways to keep your home a quiet, private oasis in a loud world. Our custom windows are structurally strong, promote energy efficiency, are easy to clean, and keep your family safe and secure. Our windows come complete with our Great Lakes Window warranty, covering the frame, sash, glass seal, hardware, screens, and other window components to protect your investment through the entire time you’re living in your home.

Our remodeling window products offer more than just durability and longevity. They look great, too! We provide windows that suit any style, with options for shape, size, grille style, color, and privacy glass. You are sure to find a Great Lakes Window product that suits the personality of your home.

A simple switch can make your house feel much more like a place you can call your own!

How to Upgrade from Builder Grade with Great Lakes Window

At Great Lakes Window, we make upgrading easy. Our local dealers are pleased to consult with our clients in their homes, to best suggest upgrades that will take your home from builder grade to beautiful. We are experts on windows and doors, and can guide you through choosing the style, design, glass, and energy efficiency features that will work best for your needs.

With your upgraded products selected, we move on to measuring your space and ensuring installation will go smoothly. Upon your approval of the project quote, our installers get to work, quickly and efficiently working to upgrade your home with top notch windows and doors.

Finding a local Great Lakes Window dealer is the first step, and we’re happy to help! Check out our online listings, or give us a call at (844) 247-6226. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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