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Hurricanes are an unfortunate fact of life, especially in coastal regions. More than just bad weather, these storms can cause all kinds of problems, including property damage. As we near the end of the hurricane season, something you may want to consider for next year are hurricane resistant, impact windows. These windows are one line of defense against heavy winds and flying debris, and offer protection to your home, your belongings, and your family.

Impact windows are part of what we offer in our HarborLight brand, designed for the utmost in both durability and style. The Impact Series is specifically designed for severe coastal weather in Texas and the Southeastern coastal regions. Meeting the south’s high performance levels, our windows have a high Design Pressure rating of up to 50. Here’s how it works.


How Impact Windows are Weather Resistant

impact windows

Our Impact Series windows are made of laminated glass, using technology similar to that of a car windshield. It’s made to resist impact of all kinds, with the glass bonded using heat and pressure to a strong inner layer. That inner layer is what remains intact even when struck with flying debris, ensuring home protection and peace of mind. The sloped sill drains water away from the home exterior, for even greater performance in inclement weather.

That Design Pressure rating up to 50 means water resistance, a strong structural load, and air infiltration resistance. Plus the interlocking sashes add to the security, as they lock tightly together to keep out unwanted intrusions, whether it’s weather or people. Forced-entry resistant locks are automatically activated when the windows is closed.

The sound-dampening inner layer reduces unwanted outside noise. And the window design offers UV protection to prevent sun damage to carpet and furniture.


Approved Where it Matters

We know that our customers in storm-prone areas need to know that their windows will hold up to storms. That’s why our Impact Series is approved by the Texas Department of Insurance, tested and approved to meet stringent building codes in Texas’s coastal areas. These windows also meet the requirements of the Florida building code, providing safety and security through Florida’s coastal storms.

Outside of areas where hurricane resistant windows are mandated, installing these windows can still benefit your wallet as you may find reduced homeowners insurance rates as a result.


Why It’s Wise to Invest in Impact Windows

Hurrican damage without impact windowsHurricane resistant windows typically represent a larger investment than builder-grade windows. However, when you look at the ultimate cost of dealing with storm damage and window replacement, you will find that it’s well worth it to spend your money wisely the first time around. Protecting your windows and your home, without having to deal with replacing damaged items, is worth it.

According to HomeAdvisor, fixing your home after a storm costs $7,946 on average. And this can go all the way up to $13,623 depending on the extent of damage. The cost of fixing broken window glass itself is around $700 for a pane, per HomeAdvisor. And specialty windows like bay windows, bow windows, and thicker glass can cost even more.

Our Impact windows also protects your home beyond the windows themselves. When water and wind get into your home through a compromised window, the building envelope is breached. The pressure change that occurs means your home could potentially experience more damage. Save yourself the heartbreak by investing in strong windows before the storms come.


Finding Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows

It’s easy to upgrade your home with our Impact Series. Simply use our convenient online tool to find a Great Lakes Window dealer, who can come to your home for a personalized consultation. Our dealers know what they are doing and can connect you with the products that suit your home best. And after that, you’re covered under our warranty so you can have peace of mind no matter what. We’re looking forward to playing our part in securing your home.

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