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There are many ways people try to block noise out when they are trying to enjoy their homes. Hanging sound dampening curtains, buying white noise machines, or even wearing earplugs can help, but are all fairly expensive solutions that are not a permanent fix. These one-off solutions also hinder the enjoyment of one’s home, with curtains drawn against an otherwise pleasant view.

With today’s noise resistant windows, you no longer have to sacrifice a great view for some peace and quiet. No matter what is going on outside, you can enjoy the look without the sound. But how, exactly, do these sound resistant windows work to block out noise? It isn’t magic, but instead, insulated glass technology.

Noise travels in two different ways, both through the air, and through materials like glass. The measurement of Sound Transmission Class (STC) is one way of understanding how much this noise can travel. The higher the STC number, the better a window is at keeping noise on the outside.

While a standard window is rated around STC 26 at best, our sound resistant windows come in at up to STC 34. Research shows that windows with an STC rating of 34 can reduce exterior noise by 43 per cent, which means loud noises come to a comfortable level.

What makes the difference?

How Insulated Glass Units Block Noise

One key aspect of sound resistant windows is additional panes of insulated glass. Our insulated glass units, or IGUs, dampen outside noises to reduce sound transmission with thick glass. Every time sound waves hit this material, some of those waves can be absorbed, reflected, or otherwise reduced.

The glass panels are made of different thicknesses so that various ranges of sound waves are captured. This asymmetrical construction ensures both low and high frequency sounds are trapped. Finally, the glass is laminated, further absorbing sound waves.

Air space also helps cut down on unwanted noises. Our sound resistant windows are made with optimal air space between glass panes, designed to reduce sound wave transmission.

Good Installation Gets Great Results

Even the most sound resistant window will not do its job well unless it is installed properly. Our Great Lakes Window dealers are highly experienced and skilled in window installation. They use high quality materials such as weatherstripping, and proven installation techniques to ensure airtight seals. This ensures that there are no gaps through which unwanted noise can sneak.

Of course, our window experts are pleased to offer their experience and advice with all aspects of window design and selection. Our sound resistant glass can be added to many different window styles, along with other additional features both customizing the design of your window, and improving its functionality. Our dealers collaborate with each and every Great Lakes Window client to ensure that their windows are making their home a better place to be.

Don’t let construction or traffic noise, too-loud neighbors, or industrial activity ruin your sanctuary. These noises, day after day, can take over one’s life, spiking stress levels and intruding on every part of the home. The solution lies in quality sound resistant windows, a worthwhile investment to take back your quiet house.

When the birds are chirping or the neighborhood is quiet, you can simply open the windows and let the world in — under your own control, knowing you can shut out the noise whenever you want.

Get in touch with one of our Great Lakes Window dealers today to learn more about our sound resistant window options, and the benefits of working with our team.

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