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When windows are operable, like a casement window versus a fixed picture window, homeowners can decide which way the window opens, otherwise known as handing. In a horizontal sliding window, for example, the choice is between the sliding panel facing left, or facing right.

Casement windows are a bit different, as they crank or pivot out rather than sliding from one side to the other. When you are talking about vinyl replacement casement windows, handing refers to which side the window hinge is located on. An FCL window is left-handed, with the hinges on the left and locking mechanism on the right. An FCR is right-handed, with hinges on the right and locking mechanism on the left.

It may not seem like casement window handing would make a difference, but this small decision can have a big impact. It all comes down to where you are installing your windows and the layout of your home.

When Casement Window Handing Matters

  • For the most appealing look, professionals usually try to keep the hinges of the casement window to the corner of the room. That way, the casements open toward the living area for a more open, bright look.
  • When casement windows are in pairs, such as inside of bay windows or framing a picture window, the most atheistically appealing choice is an FCL for the left window and an FCR for the right. In general, hinges on the outside of multiple groupings looks best.
  • Casement windows are often installed in hard to reach areas. Consider choosing a window handing that matches your dominant hand so it is easier to open the window.
  • If you are using your casement windows to bring a breeze into the room, make sure the handing catches the wind as much as possible. If you are able to put more than one casement window into a room, it’s a good idea to cover your bases by installing both types of handing.
  • If there is a noisy area of the outdoors, try to install casement windows with the handing opening away from the noise. You can always install sound control glass on any of our windows, which will dampen noise when the windows are closed.

Ultimately, there is no wrong answer when it comes to how a casement window should open. Our Great Lakes Window dealers can help you choose the right windows and window handing for your home and answer any questions you may have about window design and layout. Get in touch today!

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