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We’ve helped you know when you should replace your home windows, and what to look for when you are buying those vinyl replacement windows. Now, we’re back with a few tips on what NOT to do when replacing your windows. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure your windows are installed properly, making the most of your investment and saving yourself from problems down the road.

DON’T Try to DIY

There are home repair and renovation jobs that are perfectly fine to DIY, and those that require a professional’s work. Window replacement falls into the latter category. It might seem like a simple job, but the truth is that professional window installers do a lot more than fit a window into a hole in your wall.

Even the smallest mistake or missed step when you do it yourself can lead to an expensive fix in weeks, months, or years ahead. And, in many cases, DIY installation voids the window warranty immediately. More complex window replacement jobs, such as enlarging or changing the size of a window area, call for professional help that much more.

Window professionals know how to deal with any issue that pops up during a job, and can work quickly and efficiently to reduce the amount of time spent on installation. It’s well worth paying for professional tools, expertise, and peace of mind. 

DON’T Focus on Price Alone

Replacement windows are certainly an investment, but if you focus on getting the cheapest windows possible, you may end up having to reinvest much sooner than you would like. Your windows should fit into your budget, but quality should be the highest priority. Think about the long term benefits of energy efficiency, easier maintenance, and safety features when you consider price.

DON’T Be Afraid to Try New Window Styles

You may be used to the windows you have — the way they look, the way they operate, and the aesthetic they add to your home. But if you are investing in window replacement, consider branching out into different window styles! Switch from sliding windows to awning windows for more versatility, install a large bay or bow window for visual appeal, or try a garden window in the kitchen to add more light and space.

Even if you stick to your tried and true style, you will be happy to know that modern technology has made those windows function even better, while keeping the look you love.

DON’T Forget About Security Features

Many of the decisions you will make during your window replacement job are focused on cost, aesthetics, and comfort. Don’t forget about additional security features that could enhance your windows and your home!

Our vinyl replacement windows come with secure locking mechanisms, standard with every window purchase. Consider hardware add-ons, with security locks and special handles designed to protect windows from being a point of unwanted entry.

DON’T Put Off Window Replacement

If you know you need your windows replaced, it’s important to get it done as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the time of year, weather, cost, or other considerations that are holding you back, talk to one of our local window experts. They have been through practically every kind of window replacement work, and can help you figure out a good plan for completing this important home improvement work.

When left in the hands of professionals, your vinyl replacement window job should run smoothly and leave you happy. Our window dealers are experts in the industry, with the experience and skill needed to successfully replace any window. Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online.

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