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You may be well aware that it’s time for new replacement windows, or simply considering the project. Either way, it’s likely that you do not know all of the details of a potential window replacement job. What kind of windows are best for your space and your budget, what features should you consider, what will it all cost, and when can it be done? That is why a replacement window consultation, and a cost estimate, are so important at the early stages of your project planning.

Because Great Lakes Windows both manufactures and installs our windows, we are able to be your single point of contact for all aspects of window replacement. You will work with our knowledgeable local dealers throughout the entire process, from considering the space through to installation. They know how to assess your home, your vision, and your budget to come up with window solutions that suit your needs.

Getting Ready for a Replacement Window Consultation

You may want to spend some time looking at inspirational materials, including photos of windows and how they work in other people’s homes. Our photo gallery shows Great Lakes Window products in action, so you can consider how to enhance your own home. You can also look through our window styles brochures.

Write down any ideas or questions you may have, and your expectations for things like budget and timeline. That way, when you meet with your Great Lakes Window dealer, you will be able to collaborate right from the start.

During the replacement window consultation, expect your Great Lakes Window partner to check out your home with you to get an eye for the space. He or she will talk about design, glass, color and hardware options, talk about pricing, and explain the installation process.

All of our window consultations are no-obligation, so if you decide to hold off on the window replacement, you’re not out of pocket at all.

A Window Replacement Cost Estimate

The Great Lakes Window installer may be able to give you a rough estimate during the consultation, but will take the information back and calculate a final estimate. The estimate is informed by the window choices you discussed during the consultation.

If the estimate is not what you were expecting you can always connect back with the installer and talk about options to maximize your budget further. Great Lakes Windows are always high quality, so your investment is sure to pay off.

Once you have approved the estimate and window plan, your installer will go ahead with scheduling installation. When that is over and done with, you will be able to enjoy your new, high quality replacement windows, complete with a warranty to ensure longevity and durability.

Ready to get started with a free, no-obligation window consultation with one of our expert Great Lakes Window dealers? It’s as simple as finding a local dealer today.

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