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Gone are the days of boring window colors! With our top of the line co-extruded colors, Great Lakes Window products are customizable to give you a different color on the exterior than what you see on the interior. Even if you want a white or neutral shade inside, you can opt for something bold, light, earthy, or fresh for the exterior.

Choosing Exterior Window Colors

We have many color options for all of our window styles. Our Signature palette offers beautiful colors built to last, with heat-reflective paint options that will retain their hue for years to come. A ten-year paint warranty protects your windows from chipping, peeling, blistering, and fading, so whatever color you pick will shine with durability. Or select from our Standard palette, where the color is incorporated into the vinyl, as part of the vinyl extrusion process, meaning it will never scratch, chip or peel for the lifetime of your windows. With many great colors available to you, how can you narrow down your options to pick the best shade for your Great Lakes Window products? We can help!


Consider Your Exterior Materials

Odds are, you aren’t planning to replace your home’s siding, stucco, or brick, nor do you intend to rip out the driveway or replace the roof. If you are not undertaking a full renovation, your window colors should fit into what existing materials you have in place. Step back and look at the entirety of your home, from the roof shingles down to any hardscaping on your lawn.

Do these items have cool or warm undertones, or are they neutral? An exterior that skews warm or cool should have exterior window colors that are harmonious, so earth tones for warmer homes, and shades of blue, gray, or black for cooler toned exteriors. An exterior with neutral undertones could potentially support any shade, depending on your design preferences.


Get Inspiration from Neighbors

If your entire neighborhood has a specific look or feel to it — a block full of ornate Victorian houses, for example — it can be useful to look around and see what your neighbors have selected for their own exterior color schemes. You will want your exterior window colors to suit your home’s style, and the style of the overall neighborhood, so that the selection feels appropriate and cohesive. This is especially true for historic homes and neighborhoods, where an out of place color could really stand out. Of course, if your style is unique, you may wish to choose something vivid — just be sure to test out your color scheme by comparing sample colors before committing to your pick.


If you have a neighborhood association that dictates the colors homes can be, or are bound by the rules of a historic home, our dealers are pleased to help you choose a co-extruded window color that will make everyone happy.


Using Color Theory to Choose Windows

In color theory, lighter or brighter shades draw attention to elements, while darker colors help diminish and reduce attention. If your windows are something you want to highlight, or if your home is smaller or set further away from the street, a lighter or brighter shade could go a long way in livening up the appearance of your exterior. Conversely, if you’d rather have your windows blend into the rest of the home, or prefer a less attention-getting look, choose a darker color.

With our co-extruded windows, there is no need to worry about a darker shade warping in the heat, as the black is placed over the white under-layer which works to limit heat gain. With high-quality Great Lakes Window products, you can rest assured that they are technologically and structurally sound — your only concern should be what style and color you prefer!


Get Started with Great Lakes Window

The first step in our window replacement process is to send an expert to your home to check out your old windows and work with you to choose the best style, design, glass, and energy efficiency features for your new windows. This is when we can discuss color options and come up with an aesthetically pleasing pick!

Through the rest of the process, from coming up with the best installation method to bringing in your windows and providing limited lifetime protection, our local experts offer the very best in customer service, tailored to each individual home and client. We’re here to help you have a great experience, and we take pride in our service.

To get started, look for a Great Lakes Window dealer with our comprehensive online listings.

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