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Whether you prefer the colder climate of winter months, or thrive in the heat of summer, window replacement is often best suited for autumn. Avoiding the heat, chill, storms and unpredictable weather of summer and winter is best for any window replacement job. Of course, our Great Lakes Window dealers will make your window replacement as best as it can be any time of year, but here is why fall is a great choice.

Keeping Your Home Comfortable During Installation

While we always work hard to ensure your home is as comfortable and well-protected as possible during installation, autumn conditions certainly help. Outside of summer, it’s easier to avoid bugs that want to enter into your home, and too-hot or too-cold air is less of a concern.

Weatherproofing for Winter

In climates where heating bills spike in winter, energy efficient windows can make a huge difference. There’s no time like now to replace those worn, outdated windows with something designed to keep the weather where it belongs: outside. With a fall window replacement scheduled, homeowners are sure to notice a difference in their winter energy bills.

In areas where storms crop up in the wintry months, it’s even more imperative to weatherproof as soon as possible. Check out our hurricane-rated windows, perfect for coastal locations and other places where extra protection brings peace of mind. When that winter weather hits, you will be glad you got in on our fall calendar!

Enjoying the Scenery

If you live in an area where the autumn weather brings changing colors and falling leaves, a well-timed window replacement job will showcase that scenery in a spectacular way. Say goodbye to broken windows, condensation, and intrusive screens. Welcome the changing season with a bright, clear view thanks to our high-quality windows.

Ideal Scheduling for Homeowners and Installers

Even in locales where the weather does not change much in autumn, it can still shape up to be the perfect window replacement season. Most of our clients are quite busy enjoying all that summer has to offer, and an installation might cut into that leisure time. By choosing a fall vinyl window replacement date, you can enjoy all that summer has to offer.

It is also great timing for our certified Great Lakes Window installers, who can offer a greater amount of flexibility outside of the busy summer season. Your new vinyl windows will be in place and doing their job before the holiday season arrives, too, ensuring comfort for your family and guests.

To schedule your vinyl replacement window installation, or talk about a schedule that works best for your needs, contact a local dealer today. You can rest assured that Great Lakes Window will always be reliable, efficient, and professional, any time of year.

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