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When you are planning a vinyl replacement window installation, there are a lot of details to consider. From the size and type of window you want, to the upgrades and options you can consider, all the way through to the installation timeline and how it will impact your day to day life, there’s a lot of information to take in!

A common question we are asked is how long it will take to replace windows in our clients’ homes. Of course, people do not want to lose huge chunks of time for a home renovation or upgrade job. But they also don’t want a rushed, poorly done installation. While every window job is different, we can assure you that our Great Lakes Window dealers know what they are doing. They do their jobs well, ensuring that window installation is the least disruptive it can be, while taking the time needed to properly install each and every window.


Installation Timeline: Selecting Windows and Placing Your Order

installation timelineWhile this is not a part of the installation process, it still impacts the overall timeline of your window replacement, from the first time you start thinking about a replacement job, to the time when your order is in place. Our dealers will work with you to help with your selection. This means they will come to your home to measure the windows you want replaced, along with additional dimensions if you want to add or expand windows in other areas.

All of our windows are custom-made for your home, to ensure the best fit. It’s well worth it for windows that perfectly suit your home! Your local dealer will give you a personalized timeline for your order, factoring in their installation schedules.


Installation Timeline: The Install

We usually factor in about half an hour to an hour to install each window, depending on its size. First, the team will lay down protecting sheets or mats, to keep you floors clean. Then they will remove the old window, then fit the replacement into place.

installation timelineFactor in time for old windows to be hauled out in between individual replacements, if you have a lot of windows slated for a new look. It’s also important to note that older windows might be slightly more difficult to remove. If your house or your windows are particularly aged, the entire process could slow down. Or if your home is multi-story, add in some extra time as the team navigates stairs with windows, trim, and accessories. Again, it is well worth the time to make sure it’s done correctly, leaving the perfect space for your new Great Lakes Window products. 

When each vinyl replacement windows is in place, the team completes the process with trim. They will also test the new windows to make sure that they function perfectly, are securely in place, and that the framework is also in the right position. After cleaning up the site, the team is done, leaving you with a home that might feel like it’s brand-new!


The best way to get a detailed, accurate idea of your own vinyl window replacement timeline is to get in touch with a local dealer. They are happy to discuss your needs, including any timeline you have in mind. Use our online dealer network to find a professional near you.

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